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10 Tips for Making Your Pizza More Healthy


I wish I was a member of either the online surveys or the SurveyH because I would have asked this one question and that is….. What is a Pizza according to you? Is it a Pizza because it is just a pizza? Or is it because of the delicious taste? Or is it because you can ask for any unique or weird combination of toppings and flavors? Why do you actually eat pizza?

All of these questions can be asked but no one will be there to answer it because none of us, not even me knows the exact answer. We simply know that we eat pizza because we love it.

Online surveys and SurveyH have found out that people… especially young adults and children… eat pizza more than any other fast food and street foods that are available.

But one problem with pizza that we cannot ignore is that pizza is considered to be a heavy food and that can prove to be an issue for anyone looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Pizza Eating Tips:

Every problem has a solution. Why should we stop eating pizza for the fear of weight gain? Of course, being health conscious is a must but that does not mean that we have to stop eating our preferred food… we simply need to find ways to make that food healthier. Online Surveys and SurveyH shows that there are people who have health problems but that still are able to enjoy pizza. Though it sounds impossible it isn’t. I am glad that these surveys show that for people looking to live and eat healthier, there are solutions that will allow us to enjoy our favorite foods all while maintaining that healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for pizza places in Beverly Hills, you will find an array of places to grab delicious pizzas with alternate crust options and various toppings to suit anyone’s tastes.

Now lets take a look at some savvy tips which will allow you to enjoy that pizza and after reading it…you will want to do one thing….leave your feedback at TellPizzaHut. TellPizzaHut looks at your feedback and tries to improve the quality of their pizzas in their various restaurant locations.

Healthy Pizza Recipe:

We can enjoy that delicious pizza all while maintaining our diet. There is only one way for that to happen successfully and that is by making the pizza at home so that you control what goes into and on your pizza. As I always say, homemade foods are the best because you know that they are prepared in a clean environment plus you control the ingredients being used to create the dish. I also love that you can measure the ingredients and use fresh, organic ingredients that are straight from Mother Nature which means no chemicals and no pesticides.


It is necessary for us to know the correct combinations for making a delicious homemade pizza. Any kind combination of toppings will do but here are some good ideas to get you started:

1.Spinach & Fresh Tomato Sauce.

2. Cheddar and Kidney Beans.

3. Butternut Squash and Fresh Kale.

4. Fennel, zucchini and chicken sausage.

5. Potato and Chives

6. Red pepper and Mozzarella cheese

7. Fig, onion, and ricotta.

8. Red onion, salami, red pepper flakes.

9. Mushroom, cauliflower, and cheese.

This is my favorite combination list and what’s yours? Time to see the 10 creative approaches for a healthy pizza lifestyle.

10 ways to make healthy pizza?

1. The first step is to ensure the thin crust of the pizza. Whether you are eating a pizza in a restaurant or making them at home, remember to make the crust thin and to also use the whole grain wheat flour instead of the refined flour. You can also use and make a cauliflower crust so that it is gluten free.

2. Using cheese with low fat is the best option. For example, low-fat parmesan cheese.

3. Top your pizza with as many veggies as possible so that you get all the vitamins and minerals as well as get the taste of that original. I don’t know if you are aware but more topped veggie pizza tastes better than the pizza with too much-saturated salt and meat.

4. Be careful about how much of the pizza you eat. If you make a homemade pizza it is easy to make the servings too large so keep that in mind when creating your serving sizes per slice.

5. Mushrooms are the long forgotten topic or might I say topping. Using loads of mushrooms as a topping in pizza helps just like the prescription of a doctor so always remember to put mushroom as a topping.

6. This is especially for the vegetarians. To all the meat lovers you shall not be disappointed. This is because you can use meat but in a unique way. Instead of using the fatty beacon or beef use turkey slices or chicken sausages. They are a much healthier option and they will taste delicious!

7. Serving the pizza with some salad, for example, an Alfa Alfa Sprouts and roasted red bell pepper salad will give the pizza a healthy combination.

8. Making your own homemade sauce also helps a lot. Homemade tomato and basil sauce will give your pizza both a healthier and savorier flavor.

9. Use herbs and red pepper flakes as the spice so that you get both the taste and health as mentioned before.

10. Grilled chicken and pork can also be used for extra flavors and combinations. Just we will have to look for the best choices.


If we live an unhealthy lifestyle eating anything that is put in front of us… issues will arise down the road so make sure to make living and eating healthy a priority for yourself and your family. Remaining healthy is always top priority.