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7 Great Travel Destinations for Cannabis Lovers

The opinion the world once had about cannabis is rapidly changing, and we’re now seeing a shift towards either more tolerance, or complete legalization which has lead websites similar to badassglass.com to thrive. The stigma that was once attached to cannabis and its derivatives is disappearing gradually and products like CBD are slowly but surely hitting the mainstream. This has made traveling much easier for consumers, and opened the door to tons of different travel opportunities and destinations. This is why many people have been considering cannabis canada to purchase and enjoy in all sorts of destinations. One of my friends actually runs a dispensary of her own so she has given me plenty of ideas for this post. She was also keen to show me her latest cannabis packaging which she has bought to help her products stand out from the crowd. It is no secret that the cannabis industry is highly competitive so it is always important to find new ways to get ahead of the competition.

If you are looking to grow your own plants… you can find lots of helpful tips online with proper research. According to 420expertadviser.com, you should choose full spectrum lights to grow your cannabis indoor, and you must choose the best strains available for the best result. And without further ado…. let’s look at some of the best holiday destinations for cannabis lovers.


While the Netherlands like to remind the rest of the world that they have more to offer than just cannabis and coffee shops, the place remains a Mecca for cannabis lovers. And every year, thousands and thousands of people from around the world come to smoke or consume cannabis to get a taste of the Amsterdam cannabis experience.

However, while the law is very lax concerning recreational cannabis, you have to know that it isn’t a free for all there. Smoking isn’t allowed in public and you might get fined if the police spot you, though they’ll probably be more lenient if you’re a visitor. Also, make sure that you respect local etiquette rules. While people are open about cannabis use, being under the influence in public areas or restaurants is viewed as impolite, so it would be better if you kept your consumption in private or in a coffee shop.


Spain also softened its attitudes towards cannabis, but took a different approach. While in the Netherlands, coffee shops will usually be where most marijuana is sold, in Spain, you’ll have to join what are called “marijuana clubs” first. This allows them to charge people for a membership fee, and all money that is transacted becomes a donation, not a payment. This way, they can technically “exchange” marijuana instead of selling it.

However, you have to know where you’re going to go in Spain first so you can be aware of the legislation. Some places will be more tolerant while others forbid cannabis clubs completely. And the clubs aren’t as clearly advertised as coffee shops, so you might need help from local consumers first.


If you’re looking for somewhere a little more off the beaten path, Cambodia is definitely the way to go. The country’s marijuana laws are much more lenient than in neighboring Thailand, but the country is just as pretty and enjoys miles and miles of beautiful beaches as well. It’s also fast developing and catching up with other destinations in south east Asia.

However, note that while cannabis in Cambodia isn’t actively persecuted, it is still illegal. That’s why you should exercise caution when you’re there and don’t use it in public areas. But know that the plant is still part of the country’s culture and you can find it pretty much everywhere, even in the markets. And if you want to try something special, you can always try a slice of the local “happy pizza” if you truly want to elevate your experience, if you know what we mean!


While its reggae and Rastafari culture has done a lot to boost Jamaica’s reputation as a marijuana heaven, the local laws didn’t always reflect that. Jamaica used to have very strict regulations regarding the plant, but things have changed lately, and the government is contemplating entering into medical marijuana cultivation and relaxed their laws concerning possession.

Now, having anything under 2 ounces on your person will only qualify as a petty offence. People with medical marijuana prescriptions can also apply for a medical marijuana permit in the country.


Canada legalized recreational marijuana across all its provinces this year and is one of the best places to visit if you’re an amateur. While getting legal marijuana can be difficult in some places due to shortages caused by the unexpected demand, consumption is perfectly legal, and you can smoke it in public areas in many cities around the country and you can Buy Edibles in Canada too. It’s also important to make sure that you know the rules in the city or municipality you’ll be in as you do not want to be breaking any rules or laws in that specific area. The country is also full of natural beauty and untouched open spaces, and the people are very open and friendly, so you’ll feel right at ease there.


Australia is another great place for cannabis lovers, though recreational marijuana is still illegal here. Medicinal marijuana is allowed, and while recreational marijuana isn’t yet, there is little to no repression. But one place you’ll have to visit is Nimbin in New South Wales. The small community has attracted hippies from all over the country and is home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you’ll find anywhere on earth.


But you don’t have to go all the way across the globe if you’re looking for a great destination. America is still one of the rare countries in the world where recreational marijuana use is allowed. From the old 27 dispensary in Michigan to the vast selection of places in California, the American marijuana industry is most certainly on the rise. And since states like Nevada joined the other states that allow the use of recreational marijuana, things have just become more interesting.

When you think about it, a city like Las Vegas ticks all the right boxes if you’re a marijuana lover. There are tons of great restaurants, shows, entertainment, and it’s right next to the desert too, which can give you a chance to get away and reconnect with nature. Las Vegas is also home to one of the country’s best dispensaries, Planet 13.

But Planet 13 is much more than just a dispensary. It’s more of a marijuana superstore and one of the city’s top attractions. In addition to being rated the state’s number one dispensary, they also have an awesome pizzeria and coffee shop where you can taste some of their best concoctions. If you want to know more about Planet 13, you can visit their website for more details.

These destinations are all great ideas if you’re a cannabis lover and want a destination where you’ll be able to enjoy some freedom and have some fun. Make sure that you check the rules before you go anywhere however, and stay safe if you want to enjoy your time away.

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