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6 Meaningful Thanksgiving Gift Options For Employees to Give in 2020

“The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.” – James E. Faust 

As Thanksgiving approaches the world, people are forgetting the coronavirus distress and pulling up socks to ring bells for the upcoming festive season. Thinking of Thanksgiving often ends up on gifts. 

Be it a millennial or baby boomer; everyone looks forward to exchanging gifts, having delectable meals with their family and friends while thanking the Almighty for everything they are blessed with. 

2020’s Thanksgiving – Bringing New Norms, New Trends 

As the world experienced the worse it could, everyone is hoping for a ray of sunshine in their lives. And this scenario, thanking everyone who stood by you in these tough times is a must. No matter how hard times, right from employees to healthcare professionals, everyone came forward bravely and served their duties effectively. So, Thanksgiving is the right time to appreciate their efforts. 

To help you do so, here is a list of some useful thanksgiving gifts available in the market. 

1)Gift cards – The trend of presenting gift cards has geared up from 2018. As per a consumer holiday shopping report by Openx, 68% of the respondents preferred gift cards over other rewarding mediums. That says enough about the increasing demand for gift cards. One of the best factors about gift cards is that one can redeem them wherever required. It does not just benefit the gift card receiver but giver as well. So, why not go for this win-o-win deal? 

2)Dried fruit snacks – From oatmeal and raisin bars to pineapple and apricot jam, there are numerous dried fruit snacks and eatables available in the market. These aren’t just healthy but come in a delectable range to choose from. There are numerous online stores like Trader’s Son that offer a line of delectable snacks. If not dried fruit made snacks, you can opt for roasted nuts as well. 

3)Masks & sanitizers – This is the biggest need of the hour. Giving away something that preserves the health and hygiene of your employees’ is the best option to bring a smile on their faces. Plus, this will showcase your true concern towards them. 

4)Paid holidays – When they worked hard and showed their determined availability in the toughest times of pandemic, they deserve to enjoy a paid holiday to the best destinations. So, why not gift one?

5)Accessories – Tech savvies are in love with gadgets or technology-rich equipment like headphones, watches, alarm clocks, etc. You can plan for these options. It is a pocket-friendly and impressive gifting approach to make your employees happy. 

6)Health insurance – Offer a health insurance plan covering their family’s health insurance would be a great idea to appreciate their commendable contribution towards your business. 

Takeaway – 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to thank everyone for their contributions and initiatives to improve their lives. And when talking about thanking people for their immense efforts towards your life, it’s hard to neglect hard-working employees. Therefore, explore the above-mentioned list of exciting and meaningful presents to give away this Thanksgiving and bring a smile on your employees’ face. 

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