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10 Gardening ‘Must-Haves’ For Small Spaces

It is no secret, if you read my blog often, that I love gardening as it is one of my favorite past times in the warmer months. My love of gardening and working in the yard comes from my childhood. My father and I used to work outdoors every Spring, Summer and Fall and our yard was always immaculate and beautiful. We also planted a garden every year and enjoyed tons of fresh delicious produce which is where my love of gardening began. Gardening is a fabulous activity for lovers of the great outdoors and whether you are a pro or new to gardening in general, this is the time of year that you should be  itching to get outdoors and do your thing.

balcony gardening

I have put together a list of 10 Gardening ‘must-haves’ for small spaces. When I say small spaces I am talking about someone that lives in an apartment, a condo with a balcony, a townhouse or even a house with a small yard. Heck…. these 10 must haves are not only perfect for small spaces but also large spaces as these products are all about maximizing and making the most of your gardening space. Below I am sharing 10 gardening ‘must-haves’ for small spaces but keep in mind they are perfect for any size space.

10 Gardening ‘Must-Haves’ For Small Spaces

1) Vertical Garden Planters

vertical garden planter

One of the easiest and most effective ways to optimize your small gardening space is to invest in the perfect vertical garden planter. I suggest investing in more than one as this will ensure that you can grow everything that you can need for your produce needs. With the right vertical garden planter you can easily grow nearly anything… veggies, herbs or flowers organically.

vertical garden planter

I mentioned organic produce above and if that is as important to you as it is to me…. then I suggest the rotating Garden Tower 2 which is a composter that grows 50 plants in only 4 square feet of space! To start, make sure you purchase soil from a reputable provider like as they will provide you the rich soil you need to grow your plants perfectly and organically in this container as well as any others mentioned below. I absolutely love this vertical tower and the best part is that the built in composter turns your kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer which allows you to grow organic produce. This vertical garden planter and composting system replicates a natural ecosystem that allows the plants growing in the tower to access those nutrients that are recycled through the organic composting process. You simply end up with full, healthy herbs, vegetables, and flowers all grown organically.

vertical garden planter

2) Window Boxes

window boxes for gardening

Window Boxes are another great way to garden in small spaces if you have a sunny windowsill. You can add a window box to any or all windows of your home and grow flowers, herbs, and more! This is another fabulous way to maximize you garden space, especially if you do not have a balcony or yard and it also just looks really nice when pretty lush window boxes adorn your windowsills. Make sure to choose plants that are nourishing, delicious and beautiful as this is the optimal way to maximize limited space, and that is true whether you are working with one little window box or several.

3) Balcony/Deck Hanging Rail Planters

Balcony/Deck Hanging Rail Planters

Deck hanging rail planters are another item that will help to maximize your growing space. It is a flower box that hangs over the front side of a deck, porch or balcony rail. It not only maximizes your growing space but also creates a welcoming and appealing decoration for your deck or balcony space. They can even be used on different types of fences which is pretty cool. most Deck Hanging Rail Planters are made of durable PVC and are available on a variety of length options and can be painted to any color you choose. Make sure to look for a brand that guarantees their planters to be no-rot and that come with a lifetime guarantee. PVC planters are the way to go as wooden deck planters require maintenance and can rot over time.

4) Self-Watering Planter Boxes

Self-Watering Planter Boxes

Investing in a good self-watering planter box is another way to maximize your growing space plus it makes your job easier too. You can literally just set this in the corner of your patio and let the planter do the rest of the work for you. Planters like this one come with a self-watering design as well as a low water indicator that lets you know when to water. This unit is perfect for both indoors and outdoor use as well.

5) Hanging Outdoor Wall Planters

Hanging Outdoor Wall Planters

Utilizing a hanging outdoor wall planter is another easy way to maximize your growing space, especially if you live in a small space. These are not only functional but they are also really cool to look at when you have plants growing in them. If you have outdoor wall space on your balcony, garage or small home…. you can use this to grow even more produce, herbs, flowers  or even to make a cool succulent planter. I also have to stress that I like this planter as the felt material is super sturdy yet breathable…. which means your plants roots can breathe. The felt also helps to retain moisture around the root ball which is best for your plants health.

6) Ceramic Hanging Planter Set 

Ceramic Hanging Planter Set

You can not only maximize you growing space with this 4 piece ceramic hanging planter set but you can also add a pop of color and style to the space too. The best part is they can be used both indoors and out as well and hang as many as you like to get the most out of your garden.

7) RISATORP Utility Cart

RISATORP Utility Cart

Another item that helps to maximize growing and garden space is to utilize a rolling utility cart to keep your herb and veggie pots on. You can place your sun-loving herbs or veggies on the top shelf and the ones that favor more shade can stay beneath on the lower levels. This is a really nice looking way to display and grow your pants too and the best part… when the cooler weather hits you can literally wheel the cart in and grow them indoors near a window and vice versa.

8) Window Suction Pots

window suction pots

Something new that I recently found and fell in love with are adorable little window suction pots. They are another wonderful way to maximize you growing space…especially for small spaces. It literally sticks to any window so that you can grow herbs, flowers and succulents and there is no doubt that they will get plenty of sun hangin on your window. You can grow these indoors or use outdoors when the weather is nice too.

9)Magnetic Planters

magnetic planters

Another way to maximize your growing space is to use these super cool magnetic self-watering planters. They are really cool and literally can hang right on the side of your refrigerator. You can use these to grow herbs on your fridge year round and if they are growing indoors… you can use your outdoor space for more veggies and fruits. I also love that they are self watering as that is always helpful when you have lots of plants to tend and care for!

10) Plant Self Watering Spikes

Plant Self Watering Spikes

Investing in some fabulous self watering plant spikes is a must for the busy lives we live today…regardless of the size of your garden and growing space.   Not only are these awesome for everyday use but they are also especially helpful when you are away for any length of time as they will ensure your plants are watered. I am a big fan of these as plant watering devices can prevent overwatering and help you to grow healthier plants. Self watering spikes ensure your plants are hydrated and they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

So what do you think of these 10 Gardening ‘Must-Haves’ For Small Spaces? Are they not perfect for maximizing your growing space for small and large spaces alike? All of these items are perfect for maximizing the space you have to grow fresh herbs, veggies, fruits and more so check the out for yourself and happy growing!

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