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A Perfect Guide to Beef Browning

Most of the standard recipes of sloppy Joes, tacos, chillies, and stews start with an essential precursor of browning beef. However, getting perfectly browned beef may be tougher than you’d expect. You definitely want it perfect since it’s the best way to build flavor in the final dish. 

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Here’s a refresher to help you properly achieve the best browning standard for a great start to your dinner recipe or storing beef in the fridge for meals throughout the week.

Woman stirring ground beef in a frying pan

Shop for the Right Beef

The first step to getting perfect browning starts from the freshness of the beef you purchase from the store. Take a close look at the labels when you decipher information about the meat’s cut and the fat-to-lean content, apart from the obvious sell-by date. An 85/15 ground beef is an all-purpose choice or else opt for a higher-fat ratio for juicy burgers or meatloaf. To know more about this, you may also visit this website.

Next, check the color of the meat. A bright red color is often misleading since it may contain high levels of carbon monoxide or other chemicals used to maintain the red color through its expected shelf-life.

How to Cook and Brown Beef

Below is a step-by-step guide to better-browned beef:

*Place a large skillet or saucepan over medium-high heat. Heat a tablespoon or two of the oil you use. The oil helps prevent the beef from sticking and scorching in the pan. Use a little extra oil if cooking lean beef or if you don’t want to use oil, pay close attention to the meat to ensure it doesn’t burn.

*When the pan is hot, add the beef to the center of the pan. If you are cooking ground beef, use a stiff spatula or a wooden spoon to break the meat into a few pieces.

*Let the meat brown without moving it around for four to five minutes. You may wiggle the meat around if it sticks to the pan. Avoid continuous stirring, but you can break the meat into smaller pieces and keep them around the same size so that it cooks and brown evenly.

*As it’s getting cooked, the steam and juices in the meat tend to release, thereby providing moisture to cook the beef. You might also have a pool of liquid after browning is done.

*Continue to cook until the beef is no longer pink and once the pieces wiggle freely, turn it over using a thong for cooking until it is browned all over. In the case of ground beef, you can stir it to cook the other side for even browning.

How to Brown Faster

Browning is not as easy as it seems. It can be a messy and fussy process. But, here’s an extra tip to brown the beef faster. Most recipes vouch for browning one large piece of beef before cutting to cubes. As this retains most of the juices, flavour, and prevents overcooking, you can give this a shot. 

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