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3 Simple Ways to Modernize Your Home and Make it Look More Expensive

Let’s face it, everyone wants their home to look as expensive as it can. Oftentimes it is easy to look at new construction and wish that your home had been given the awesome upgrades to look modern and sleek. Many think that upgrading their home is a task that is expensive and time consuming. However, there are several things that you can do yourself that will help make your home more modern and add resale value as well. 

1. Switch Out Your Hardware

One of the things that stick with a home for years to come as it is being built is the hardware. Hardware can reference many things in your home such as:

*Cabinet knobs

*Closet knobs

*Door handles


*Towel hooks

*Toilet paper holders

*Overhead vanity lights

These pieces of hardware are easy for the average DIYer to change out on their own. These small but simple changes can help your home look newer. They can also add a custom flair, personalizing your home to your style and tastes. 

2. How an Idaho Falls Electrician can Let There be Light

Many homes can look outdated and feel dark and cramped simply because the lighting isn’t optimized. Most new homes have several sources of light and are well lit, making rooms bright and open. If your home feels dark you can use these following tips to help brighten up your home.

*Choose lightbulbs with CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of 5000K. These will be daylight bulbs that will brighten up any room.

*Install lighting under cabinets or along stair runners to illuminate areas that are usually dark. This can also help give your home a custom look.

*If you have a windowless basement you can also install LED fake windows that will simulate a real window and can help make a basement feel more open and well lit.

An Idaho Falls electrician can also help you make the home brighter by adding in more can lights, changing out lighting fixtures, adding smart lights and so much more. 

Landscape lighting can also make a huge difference in curb appeal. Adding lights to spotlight your trees or plants will give your home an expensive look from the outside.

3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest ways to help your home look brand new and modern is to give it a new coat of pain both inside and out. While painting the exterior of your home is often best left to the pros, with a little patience and practice anyone can make the inside of their home look custom. Some great ideas are below.

*Create contrasting trim. By creating a custom colored trim your home will have a pop of color.

*Colorful doors can add a custom feel to your home and provide your home a statement piece both inside and out.

*Vintage appliances can be taken to an auto shop and painted with a custom color to create an accent piece.

*Electrical outlets can be painted to match the walls behind them.

*Chalkboard paint can create a fun wall for children’s playrooms. The same paint can also be used in kitchens for people who like to cook and want to share their recipes or menus.

Remember, one of the biggest things that many people need when painting their own home is a little bit of practice and patience.


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