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Your Guide To Planning An Intimate Wedding Day To Remember Forever

If you want the most amazing wedding day to remember for the rest of your life, inviting only the people you care about most will make it an intimate yet special day for all. You should never feel obligated to invite somebody you don’t really know or care about to your wedding – and explaining to everybody that you’re having an intimate wedding day can help this. Read on for some advice that will help you to plan your own intimate wedding day to remember forever:

Be Vigilant With Your Guest List 

You want to be as vigilant as possible with your guest list. Not sure about somebody? Don’t invite them. Ask yourself: do they know you and your spouse? Have they always supported you/the relationship? You don’t need to invite friends of friends, plus ones, or work colleagues if you don’t want to. Keeping the wedding small and intimate means making hard decisions with your guest list, as things can quickly get out of control. 

Don’t Let Your Parents Invite People 

Parents are usually so excited for your wedding day that they start taking liberties. At the very least they will give you unsolicited advice – at the most, they might end up inviting people on your behalf. Make sure they know that they can’t do this. Some parents just want their good friends to see their children get married, but if you don’t want them to do this then you need to tell them. 

You definitely don’t want any animosity or resentment on the day when your parents’ friends show up! 


Make Sure You Look Like Yourself

If you’re going to have an intimate wedding day with the people you hold dear, then you need to make sure you look like yourself. You don’t want gasps of ‘who’s that?!’ when you walk down the aisle, do you? Make sure you don’t suddenly change your hair or do something crazy with your makeup routine. You should also have one of the engagement rings that’ll never go out of style so you can make it suit your everyday wardrobe year after year when the day is over. When you’re older, you want to make sure you recognise yourself with all of your loved ones in the pictures, too! 

To Plus One, Or Not To Plus One?

Technically, if you allow everybody to invite a plus one, your guest list will grow rapidly and it won’t be all that intimate any longer. You could go the route of not inviting any children under the age of 12, and only inviting significant others you know or are in a long term committed relationship to ensure that your wedding is classy and suitably intimate. 

If you invite young kids, then you’re going to need to have a kids table as well as come up with things for them to do while the adults party with you. You’ll probably still have to deal with bored kids, tantrums, and other mishaps, though. 

You’ll remember your wedding day forever no matter what, but if you want it to be as intimate as possible, use the advice here!

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