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Trending Food and Drinks To Try at Home

Fashion is not the only industry that has trends, and the way and the type of food that we eat is constantly changing. Although many people are still unable to visit restaurants around the world, or are conscious about going to one, this does not mean that you have to miss out on the foods and drinks that are trending in 2021. Here are five of the most exciting culinary trends that you can try from the comfort of your kitchen.  

1) Bubble Tea 

Bubble tea was starting to become increasingly popular before the pandemic, with bubble tea cafes popping up across towns and cities in the United States and the UK. Part of bubble tea’s allure is the wide array of flavors it comes in, meaning that there is a tea to suit everyone’s taste buds, no matter if they enjoy fruity or sugary treats. If you are missing your favorite bubble tea or simply want to try the beverage for the first time, you should consider buying bubble tea online from Bubble CiTea, which offers a range of delicious choices for those who want to treat themselves and feel as if they are traveling the world while they do so.  

2) Plant-Based Foods 

With an increasing interest in eating sustainably and vegetarianism, more and more people are looking at plant substitutes for the foods that they adore. This means that the type of plant-based foods that are on offer are increasingly becoming more extravagant, with one company even managing to develop plant-based burgers that bleed. It is simple to try the array of plant-based foods that are available at home, with there being a vast array of recipes online to get you started.  

3) Designer Sandwiches 

If you thought that a sandwich was just two slices of bread, butter, and a slice of ham or cheese, think again. With more time on your hands than ever before, now is the time to experiment with making an Instagram-worthy creation that will get all your friend’s mouths watering. Not only can you opt for creative fillings, but you should also consider using popular types of bread that have that extra kick, such as sourdough.  

4) CBD 

With CBD now legalized and beginning to grow in popularity, it is now starting to be added to all sorts of recipes so that people can reap its potential health benefits in a tasty way. For instance, CBD has now started to be added to chocolate and coffee as the ultimate way to try and reduce pain and anxiety. 

5) Non-Alcoholic Drinks 

Why should drinkers be the only ones to get interesting drinks? Non-alcoholic drinks are now starting to trend as a way for non-drinkers to join in with the fun without having to sip an orange juice or a lemonade through an entire night of partying. There are even many posh cocktails- or mocktails- that you can concoct to help you to feel great without having to drink a drop of alcohol.  

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