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My Savvy Review of The GuruNanda Beauty Serum Oil Set @GuruNandaEO @SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review Of The GuruNanda Beauty Serum Oil Set @GuruNandaEO @SMGurusNetwork

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I am super excited to share something new from GuruNanda that I am obsessed over and it is the new GuruNanda Beauty Serum Oil Set. The GuruNanda Beauty Serum Oil Set is inspired by Ayurvedic traditions. These carefully blended beauty serums were crafted with the help of GuruNanda’s in-house aromatherapist and these beautifying products were created for women looking for clean, all-natural products to carry and use everyday on-the-go! 

GurNanda Beauty Serums have therapeutic properties that you will love and using pertly crafted essential oils for use on the skin works amazingly well plus each serum has a fabulous light scent that you will love. These serums contain powerful, natural oils that have been used for thousands of years to maintain natural and clean beauty. This collections from GuruNanda provides you with 6 beauty serums for your face and skin including serums designed for:


2)Lip Plumper

3)Clear Skin


5)Under Eye Night

6)Age Defy

So what do you think of GuruNanda’s new Beauty Serum Collection? Are you looking for a more natural and clean skin care system that uses essential oils that also smell amazing? Check out GuruNanda and they amazing collection of essential oils and beauty serums today and check them out on social media too!


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  • Elizabeth Wilson

    I will be 74 years old in May of this year. I have always taken care of my fair skin and do not have but a few “wrinkles” (which I hate), I have used Clinique facial products since I was in my 20’s and since I am a fair skinned red head I have never been a sun lover. I purchased Guru Nanda Essential Oils and a diffuser to help with my asthma and sinus problems. I happened to see the Guru Nanda Beauty Serum 6-pack so I decided to buy it and have been using it for about a week. WELL, I AM AMAZED!! My skin is softer and I swear I think the wrinkles are less visible. My lips seem a little bit puffer and I do see an all over “brightness” to my face. I am really pleased and somewhat surprised. Just wanted to let you know.

    • mcushing7

      This is amazing and I truly appreciate you sharing your experience. They are fabulous and I too love them and see results!

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