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Working at Home: How to Prepare a House for Work

When it comes to working from home, many people see it as more of a blessing than anything else. Not having to worry about going to work and staying at home to fulfill work responsibilities is a dream for many. What they do not realize is that working at home can come with plenty of unusual issues.

Perhaps the biggest issue lies in the number of distractions. If there is a lack of organization when trying to work from home, it can be much too easy to get distracted by the smallest of things. It also does not help that the flexible schedule allows you to work whenever you like, which could result in bad habits. Here are some best-practice methods to help you prepare your home for work.

Starting with the master bedroom

Many people who start working from home do not have much of a home office to speak of, so they spend their time working in the bedroom. It’s a good choice to start, as the bedroom is typically the least stressful part of any home.

If you want to help transform your bedroom into a place conducive for study and hard work, it would be a good idea to go with bespoke fitted wardrobes. You can get them and much more from www.myfittedbedroom.com for those that want to transform their bedrooms into something magical. You can also dress up your space so that you can make the space your own. I like adding healthy green houseplants and some photos that are perfectly framed to my space as it makes it extra special and kind of personalizes the space for you. When my workspace looks good… it makes me feel good and I get excited to get in there and do my thing. Further personalizing a bedroom also helps most homeowners feel at home (pun intended), which in turn helps with motivation to work.

Make sure your family knows!

One of the troubles that come with working at home has to do with family/household members disturbing you when you work. While some things cannot be helped, following a schedule (and letting them know) ensures that you lower the chance of being disturbed while you work. Having proper work hours also means that you can deal with most responsibilities without issues.

There’s a time and place for everything, and maintaining a work-life balance means allowing your body and mind to focus on work during the right hours.

Comfortable office furniture is a must!

There’s a reason why that office chair you used to have back in the day used to be so comfortable — it’s built to help ensure that your back is fully supported. For those that want to turn their workroom into a decent office space, office furniture is the way to go. You could even add houseplants to help the room feel accommodating. While there is no need to get carried away with office furniture, the most important part is the chair!

As an extra tip for those working from home for the first time, do not fall for the allure of the flexible work schedule. It would be best to have a schedule similar to what you might have at the office, as it helps your body get used to the responsibilities. Make sure to have fun during your off hours to ease the accumulated stress!


  • Lauryn R

    This is great advice for working from home! It is definitely not as easy as a lot of people think. I couldn’t agree more that a really good chair is the most important thing! It’s really hard to concentrate and get work done if you are uncomfortable or in pain, and a good chair makes all the difference.

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