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Why You Should Try Out Different Cuisines While Traveling

Traveling is a really fun thing to do. From boarding a flight to your destination to putting your first foot in a foreign country, the thrill and excitement can be exhilarating. However, there is one more thing that you need to keep in mind when you travel to a new country and that is its cuisine.

A nation’s food and drink is an important aspect of its culture. The entire set of dishes is called its cuisine. There are many different types of cuisine that are present in the world with Chinese and Thai being the most famous one among Asian cuisines and French and Italian being the most famous among European cuisines.

This article helps you with the reasons as to which you need to give importance to the cuisine of the country to which you are traveling. Always keep in mind that this is the only time that you shall taste the new cuisine in its native land and you must never let this golden opportunity go away. Hence ace food blogger Sanjay Jhunjhunwala always advises you to try out different cuisines while traveling. This will not only keep your taste buds satiated but will also add an entirely new dimension to your tour.

Read on to find out why trying out different cuisines while traveling can truly make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

1.     The Joy Of Discovering New Foods

There is a true joy when you see new foods that you have never seen in your lives before. Also, there is also a sense of wonder and excitement when you get to taste the wonderful delicacies that every country has to offer. Each country specializes in a particular type of food and you must not miss the thrill of trying it out for the first time.

For example, Russian piroshki are world-famous. These chops are generally made of fish, chicken or beef and are also cheap making them perfect for a light evening snack. You can also have a delicacy called chicken a la Kiev that can truly scintillate your taste buds. This dish gets its name from the city of Kiev that is located in Russia.

So wouldn’t it be a shame if you traveled to Russia and did not try out the native versions of these dishes? In the same vein, when you travel to France or any other country you must always make it a point to try out the new local cuisine there. This will not only make your trip more meaningful but also add a gastronomic element to it.

2.     A Completely New Dish

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the tastes of the original dishes differ from those served in your home country. For example, all of us have tasted sweet corn chicken soup and chilly chicken in the US, but did you know that the Chinese versions of these dishes are totally different?

So if you go to China one day, you will definitely get the chance to try out the Chinese versions of these dishes. This will not only leave you with a new taste in your mouth but will also broaden your horizons greatly. So even if you have tasted Chinese food in the US, the thrill of tasting authentic Chinese cuisine in Beijing is truly unparalleled.

This clearly shows that when you taste the same dish in a new country, it becomes a completely new dish of its own. So why should you not treat yourself to this culinary extravaganza when you are spending so much time and money in going to that country?

3.     A Reflection Of The Culture

It is evident that a country’s food reflects its culture. For example, Indian food has a lot of diversity that is represented by the multicultural cuisine that it showcases. From savory sweets to spicy cutlets and biryani, Indian cuisine reflects the multiculturalism that is a mirror image of the phrase unity in diversity that was once the motto of the nation. Keeping these factors in mind, it is clear that Indian food is a reflection of Indian culture.

In the same vein, French cuisine is very refined and sophisticated. It consists of delicacies like escargot and foie gras that are difficult to prepare and taste awesome due to its uniqueness. Given this fact, it becomes important to realize that Paris is the fashion and gastronomic capital of the world. French chefs play a very important role in shaping the culinary expertise of restaurants and hotels around the world. They are the perfect embodiment of class and elegance. From all the above facts, it becomes immensely clear that a country’s cuisine is a true reflection of its culture.

4.     Make New Friends

Trying out new food in a new country also helps you make new friends with the locals. You can easily find a local dish that you particularly fancy and then show your appreciation with your new friends. This will not only make a place for yourself in their hearts but will also give you a new thrill of having explored something that you would not otherwise have.

Also, if you have a family member who is just as enthusiastic and adventurous about trying out new food, then you can definitely team up for trying out a veritable smorgasbord of dishes. This is because sharing always brings people together and helps you eat an entire assortment of different foods.

5. Rediscover Old Favorites

Going traveling is always the most interesting when you stumble across an outlet that offers a twist on a food or drink you already love. This is one of the reasons people love going to coffee shops in new cities. Most areas have their own take on traditional Americanos, especially if they’re independent. 

Rediscovering old favorites is a lot of fun. For instance, if you’re a big curry fan, it tastes very different depending on where you go in the world. Indian immigrants, for instance, brought their own brand of balti to the UK – a country with one of the longest traditions of Indian food outside of the homeland itself. It’s completely different from anywhere else. 

6.     Try Cooking It

The final fun thing that you can do is to learn how to cook the dish that you tried out in a foreign country. This will not only make you add a feather to your hat but will keep the memories of your tour alive for a long time to come.

Always remember that the kitchen is the space where you can make a dish found in an exotic land far away from home. So brush up your culinary skills and get your plates and spoons ready to have foreign food with a homemade twist right in the comfort of your beloved abode.

From the above, it is very clear that we need to try out different cuisines while traveling. This will help you get the maximum thrill and excitement from your awesome sojourn.

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