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Why Should You Convert Your Wooden Cabinet Door to a Glass Cabinet Door?

A rising trend in the kitchen cabinet scenario when it comes to home decor has been the rise of cabinet glass door over wooden cabinet doors. Usually, you might think of it as something that belongs to older houses, as with all things in this world, old is always new. 

At this point, you might have gotten tired of your dull old wood shelves and want to convert to something better. You aren’t ready to opt for the open shelves style yet, though. Then, the solution you’re looking for lies in converting your wooden door to a glass cabinet door

Kitchen Cabinet Door: Why Glass Is Better

There’s a reason the glass cabinet door is back in trend again and why it used to be quite popular in earlier times. It has its own set of advantages which is quite enticing for homeowners. 

*Glass is Trendy

The new trend in interior decoration is to keep all the rooms in the house airy and with an abundant flow of natural light. The use of translucent material like glass makes a kitchen look more natural. It has a beautiful property of making a place look welcoming by its mere presence. Unlike open shelving, you can keep your dishes protected while still keeping it in a space that’s open to all. 

There’s also quite a bit of variety when it comes to the design. Right now, frosted sliding doors and sumiglass are particularly popular among homeowners. 

*Glass is Much Easier to Clean

All appliances and storage material in the kitchen is always exposed to a good amount of dirt and grime. Unlike wood, it’s easier to give a glass cabinet front a good cleaning. The material doesn’t stain easily, and if you give it a swipe at least once daily, it should be good to go without deep cleaning for a long time. 

*Showcasing is Easier with Glass

Naturally, one of the biggest advantages of the cabinet glass door is how you can showcase the dishes and bakeware inside. If you have dishware that you particularly love the design of or some family heirloom, you can keep it secured inside the cabinet and still show it off to your guests. 

It’s also more comfortable for you to manage things of what you have kept when you have a transparent door. 

*Convert Wooden Door to Glass Cabinet The DIY Way

Compared to spending an enormous amount of money by replacing the kitchen cabinet, it’s always a better option to convert the already existing wooden to a glass one. While PVC and melamine material doors can be converted as well, if you have a wooden door, the job is already half done. 

There are wood doors that just have a flimsy sheet of plywood and some design on them. Others have a sturdy outer frame and a panel with some design in the center. Rotary tools, spiral saw, router- there are a lot of methods that can be employed and if you are looking for the best bandsaw for resawing you have to check out https://www.tucsonstreetcar.com/reviews/best-bandsaw-for-resawing/. However, they’re all complicated in their own way, and one unfortunate mistake could ruin the entire thing. 

The easiest and most accurate is the oscillating multi-tools method. The multi-tools are reasonably priced, and it is pretty much the only thing you have to spend on while converting the wood to the glass cabinet. The method requires you to measure, mark, and cut the panel and then replace it with glass. 

In the end, with a little patience and concentration, you can save yourself on a lot of outside labor costs. 

The Cost: Cabinet Replacement vs. Cost of DIY Wood to Glass Cabinet Conversion

Naturally, if you are planning on replacing the entire cabinet, it would be quite costly. You will have to seek help from professional manufacturers who would be able to tell the cost of your current cabinet and exactly how much would it cost to replace it with a glass cabinet. 

Alternatively, you can convert the wood cabinet door to a glass cabinet door. It would cost way less as it is something you can do by yourself at home or with the help of a family member. You can make use of oscillating multi-tools which costs $100. It is way less than the total cost of a replacement glass door. The setup is easy, and mistakes can be rectified with some tweaks. 

How to Order Custom Cabinet Glass Online?

If you’re looking to replace your wooden cabinet door with the perfect cabinet glass, we have the ideal recommendation for you. You can custom order the cabinet online through Fab glass and mirror and waste no time visiting different stores that won’t be of much help. 

The company allows you to customize the glass cabinet exactly how you would prefer. You have options to select the glass type, on whether you want it to be textured, leaded, V-grooving, or Sumiglass. Once you proceed with the design, you have the option of selecting the design, dimensions, and eventually thickness and any other specification you may have. 

Order at the earliest and enjoy the free shipping and other benefits the company has to offer! There is nothing more satisfying than working in a kitchen with a cabinet you like looking at. 

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    This sounds like a great way to update my kitchen a little without costing a fortune. I really like this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless and Happy New Years

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