Savvy Gift Ideas

Elegant and Tasteful Sympathy Gift Ideas

When a loved one is grieving it is often hard to know how  to show them support. In many situations you may not be able to be there in person so you want to make sure to send an elegant and tasteful gift.

When a loved one has suffered a loss you want to do everything you can to comfort them. Ideally you want to be with them so you can help them with the grieving process, but unfortunately that is not the reality for many people.

When it comes time to send a gift to a loved one who is grieving a loss, you want to make sure you take the time to find the appropriate item. You want the gift to bring them some light in this very dark time. You may need some sympathy gift ideas to help you get started on the road to making the perfect choice.


Flowers are what most people traditionally think of as the go to sympathy gift. There are several places to order beautiful arrangements of flowers. 

There have been more people buying actual plants as sympathy gifts of late. This allows for the person receiving the gift to have something that will last, while traditional flowers will die quickly.

Personalized Wind Chimes

There has been a rise in popularity of people purchasing wind chimes in the memory of loved ones. Wind Chimes come in a wide assortment of styles You are able to customize your choice to truly fit your individual needs. This makes the gift feel more personal.

Your loved one can hang the wind chime around their home in memorial of their lost loved one. Every time the wind blows they hear the beautiful symphony of chimes it will bring back all the precious memories they have of their loved one.

Customized Jewelry

This choice of sympathy gift allows you to give something that can always be kept close. It gives your loved one a way to feel like they are always keeping the memory of the one they lost with them. 

You may think this is a very feminine gift and only someone who really wears a lot of jewelry will cherish this gift. But there are several options in this category that do not have to be flashy and ornate. 

You could purchase a small pendant with a heartfelt engraving that could be worn on a chain under their clothes. Another great choice could be wrist watch and place a thoughtful engravement on the back of the face of the watch.

Chocolates and Candies

Sometimes we forget that the grieving never really ends when we lose someone we love. Every year on the anniversary of that loss can be a difficult time. Everyone sends gifts when it first occurs but those anniversaries our loved ones can often feel like they are all alone.

A great gift to send on the anniversary of a loved one’s loss is chocolates and other sweets. It will be very comforting in a time of grieving to know others are thinking of you and chocolate just makes every situation better.

There are many elegant ways to send chocolate. You can normally find a tray to send that would offer a huge selection and be boxed very tastefully. When your loved one receives this gorgeous tray of chocolate it will help add a little joy to a tough day.

To conclude, there are several different options when it comes to choosing a sympathy gift, but the most important thing to remember is that your goal is to help your loved one through the grieving process. You want to keep that in mind when making this delicate decision. As long as you make a heartfelt choice it will give your loved one the comfort they need and worth the extra time you spent.