What to pack for Saudi Arabia
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What to pack and not to pack in Saudi Arabia trip

Saudi Arabia is a country in the western part of Asia. It is known to be one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Mostly Saudi Arabia’s terrain comprises mountains, arid deserts, lowlands etc. Saudi Arabia consists of the world’s youngest population and is popular for its Islamic pilgrims. 

So if one is traveling to Saudi Arabia, they will encounter and explore aspects like never before. 

However, It is essential to understand what to carry while journeying to Saudi Arabia in a particular season. It is also important to know what one shouldn’t carry. 

I got confused similarly when it was my turn to tour but here I am, not wishing for you to feel the same. So here is an article for your guidance to assist you regarding what to grab and what to not;)

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What to pack while visiting Saudi Arabia? 


As it is an Islamic religion-based country. Women frequently wear black clothes like hijab, abaya, burka, and they use head scarfs. Men are restricted from wearing shorts. Men could wear Thawb, it is long-sleeved and long-winded till the anklet. It is quite comforting and flexible enough. 

As mentioned above it is an arid and enthralling country, in some regions, it is extremely warm and in some regions, snowfall frequently occurs. Planning appropriately will redeem you. 

All loose- 

By all loose, we’re referring to loose clothes like loose jeans or a loose skirt. Loose is the new word for comfortable. So do prefer loose. Also, make sure all of your clothes are long enough. Arabia now allows modern clothes but your apparel still needs to cover your body. Western but full ones are to be worn if we are being accurate.

 Men on the other hand necessarily need to wear jeans and mindful t-shirts. Any bad word or image on your clothing could lead you to a big problem. Be aware. 

Other essentials – 

1) Two t-shirts per day. (keep yourself clean) 

2) Carry a torch. (A torch is essential for the dark spots.) 

3) A headscarf ( for women) 

4) A leather  jacket ( for cold regions) 

5) Pair of socks. (take a pair or two) 

6) Camera to capture the beautiful moments and sights. (always smile for the camera) 

7) Never forget your sunscreen. You could go for a high SPF sunscreen for sunny days. (you cannot survive in Saudi Arabia without sunscreen) 

8) Sunglasses are a must. (Look cool and protect yourself from the sun rays) 

9) Cute hats. (again a way to look pretty and protect from the rays of the sun.)

10) Lip moisturizer and a body moisturiser.

11) Light luggage. ( You can carry it lightweight without stress.) 

12) Sack bag and loads of water bottles. 

13) Medicine (if you need any) 

14) Sandals and shoes. (comfortable ones) 

15) Towels and napkins. ( clean towels only ) 

16) Take a few sweatshirts. ( long as needed and trendy) 

17) Sanitizer is the most important. (take care and avoid much contact with people. Sanitise often.) 

18) Toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, laundry kit, face wash, deodorants and anything else you need in your list. 

19) Contact Lenses (if needed) 

20) Carry your identity cards (very important) 

21) Swimsuit and exercise wear. ( if you wish to discover the beaches and the gym) 

 The above mentioned is the to-carry list. I also recommend a good bag to help you carry any needed essentials with you throughout the day. You can find a fabulous array of bags to choose from at Tucker & Bloom. Also…. as we have discussed the importance of what to ensure to take with you… there is also a list of items to keep behind as they will be restricted in Saudi Arabia and adhere to this list to avoid any further complications.

 What is not to be packed? 

*Say no to liquor.

One must not take liquor to Saudi Arabia as it is restricted there. You need not take anything that contains liquor as well. 

*Other religion-based commodities.

Any commodity other than the Muslim principle is not accepted in Saudi Arabia. If you take a Bible, do remember one person is allowed a sole Bible with itself. 

*Valuable jewelery. 

Avoid taking expensive jewelery. Don’t take gold, silver or precious gems. 

*Gambling games are strictly prohibited. 

Games including any gambling activity are not permitted. You can face massive problems if you’re caught with one of these in your luggage. Avoid games like casino card games and any other gambling games. 

*Clear your search history.

You know what I mean, anything and everything that pertains to porn are known to be “Haram” in Saudi Arabia. Do not take any sex toys and make sure you clear your phone gallery and web search. Look clean and act clean to avoid crises. 


Statues aren’t taken in locations like Saudi Arabia. Avoid grabbing religious statues as well. Carvings related to religion or altars are forbidden. 

*Telescopes & Binoculars.

You can shop telescopes and binoculars inside Saudi Arabia. You don’t have to carry them with you. Utilise them carefully and be familiar with where to use them and where to not as they are not permitted in some of the residential areas. 


Do not carry a packet of cigars while touring to Saudi Arabia. It is not allowed. Even in Saudi Arabia hotels you can’t carry cigars.


Some of the pills are deterred as well. If you’re taking any medicines that are a bit hazardous and could damage a soul you might need a doctor’s prescription for taking them. Avoid such pills if you can, as the country of Saudi Arabia is strict enough. 

As we finished going through this list of the essentials that are not to be carried, one must also note-

1-      Your luggage is to be checked with either x-ray, dope dogs, manually or some other way. In case anything is restricted and illegal in Saudi Arabia one could face plenty of issues. 

2-      Once you reach your location make sure you don’t capture women in your photographs, the privacy of women and their permission is most important.

3-       If you photograph buildings that are government commodities you can be imprisoned. 

4-      Always respect the police officers, if they frighten and try arresting you, do not offer them money. If you make your way out by trying to pay, you’ll be facing tremendous trouble. 

5-      If you’re a professional photographer and need to take pictures there’s approval to be taken for taking images for the business objective. Make sure you fulfil the process.

Lastly, have a safe journey and pack the necessary stuff only. 

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