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Fun Treats With A Message: Fortune Cookies! Here’s How You Make Them

Most people believe that fortune cookies originated from China. However, that’s a false assumption. In reality, it was a gift that Americans gave to Chinese people to show a faith of goodwill.

Baking fortune cookies is a combination of crafts and culinary. That could be the reason why people like to give these personalized fortune cookies to their friends and family.

Take note that you would have to fold them separately while they’re still piping hot. So, it could be an ideal activity to bond over with a group of people. Let this guide help you mold your fortune cookies.

What does it symbolize?

About four million cookies are manufactured each year to feed the people of America. Every person has a different meaning or memory associated with fortune cookies. It could remind them of their first date or a winning lottery.

Moreover, it could be a symbol of fate in general, luck, wisdom, and everything that lies within the realm of the unknown.


Servings= 10 people

Preparation time= 20 minutes

Cooking time= 10 minutes

Total time= 30 minutes

● Ingredients

– 100 g of sugar (½ cup)

– ½ tsp of vanilla essence

– A pinch of salt

– Egg whites (2 large eggs)

– 60 g of all-purpose flour (½ cup)

– 3 tbsp of water

● Method

– Put the oven to preheat at 425 degree F.

– Take a medium-sized bowl, put vanilla essence and egg whites. Beat until they are foamy.

– Sift the salt, flour, and sugar.

– Put them in the foamy mix and gently mix.

– Now add water in three parts until the batter runs smooth.

– Use a silpat lined baking sheet, make a circle of 7cm with the batter.

– When the edges seem golden brown, take them out.

– Remove a single piece from the sheet and quickly add the fortune in the middle and fold it and place it in the muffin tin to retain shape. Repeat with others.

– Enjoy them.

Nutrition value

Carbs- 12g

Sugar- 7g

Fiber- 0g

Protein- 2g

Fats- 1g

Calories 71

Iron- 0.2mg

Calcium- 1mg

Vitamin A- 80IU

Cholesterol- 6mg

Sodium- 26mg

The nutrition value is based on servings, and this could change due to multiple reasons.

Some fun facts about fortune cookies

Now that you have food for your tummy how about some food for your thoughts as well?

The concept of fortune cookies is very basic and negligible in our daily life. So, you might not tend to think about it in that depth of detail.

However, now you are forced to think about them, and this further gives birth to many new questions

So, let’s unravel some mysteries associated with these cookies:

● The fortune cookies actually belonged to Japan and not China.

● Traditionally, it was made using sesame oil, which made it a deep brown in color and larger too.

● These cookies were handmade until 1964.

● The unique fortunes are only about 15,000.

● They’re completely customizable in nature as the traditional cookie recipes only have four ingredients. This makes them inherently bland.

● The ex-president of wonton food, along with a few family members and freelance writers, wrote all the fortunes.

● Some of the fortunes were actually lost in the translation, which made them sound very funny.

● Many companies use these cookies as a marketing tool as well.

● People have actually won lotteries using the numbers given in the cookies, but it might not always work.

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