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What is a Digital Inspection Microscope & What Is It Used For?

As a kid growing up… I loved science and I especially loved dissecting in Biology and also using a microscope. If you are someone that works in a lab, then you know how important an optical microscope is to the work that you do. Optical microscopes use an eyepiece and objective to magnify a small object but technology has brought forward a more advanced microscope known the digital microscope. Below I will discuss how a Digital Inspection Microscope works, the benefits of using one as well as what they are used for and more.

What is a Digital Inspection Microscope?

A Digital Microscope is a microscope that uses a digital camera instead of an eyepiece. The best part… the digital inspection microscopes connect to a computer monitor to show the results in real time.

digital inspection microscope

How does a Digital Inspection Microscope work?

Basically, a digital microscope uses optics and a digital camera to show the captured images via the microscope directly to your computer monitor. There are various types of digital microscopes from simple handheld versions to advanced units that offer a variety of observation methods and measurement functions. Many of these microscopes use computer software to perform their various tasks. Some examples are that the software allows features to record video, edit video footage, adjust images, analyze 3D samples, create reports, make measurements and more.

Why use a Digital Inspection Microscope?

A good Digital Inspection Microscope can perform many amazing tasks, many that are the same as when using an optical microscope, but with added benefits and features. Digital Inspection Microscopes allow collaborating with your colleagues, due to the fact that it shows images on a screen, easy to do. Using a Digital Microscope provides comfort too as you do not have to look through a small optical eyepiece for hours at a time but rather the digital microscope transfers the images to a screen for your convenience. Digital Inspection Microscopes also provide a higher magnification as compared to the optical microscopes as well as higher quality images. Last but no least…. a digital inspection microscope provides image storage unlike older microscopes as images and your work can be saved ion a computer hard drive PLUS Digital Microscopes are much easier to use than traditional optical microscopes.

Digital Inspection Microscope

What is a digital microscope used for?

Digital Inspection Microscopes are an efficient tool used to inspect and analyze objects of all kinds and they are used in a wide range of industries such as medicine, education, research, forensics and even industrial manufacturing. Some of the uses include….

*Detecting counterfeit documents in law enforcement.

*Inspecting collectible coins or stamps.

*Making repairs to watches and timepieces.

*Restoring and conserving artwork.

*Analyzing historical documents.

*Conducting field research in archeology and paleontology.

*Inspecting brake pads in automobiles.

*Inspecting connector pins in manufacturing.

*Inspecting semiconductor wire bonding in manufacturing.

*Enhancing industrial QA/QC processes.

*Quantifying the presence of defects in the automotive painting process.

*And so much more!

So what do you think the many uses of an Inspection Microscope? Digital Inspection Microscopes are an amazing thing and keep in mind that not all Digital Inspection Microscopes are created equal. You need to find the right one that suits your needs. I happen to like the selection available at Microscope International as they have the perfect unit to suit your needs… from high end to handhelds. Learn more about digital microscopes today and the many uses they provide. I personally want one for my antiques and collectibles, like my coin and currency collection and also my older stamps that my grandmother encouraged me to collect as a kid. It is the perfect way to check the pieces out so that you can see all aspects of the coins, stamps and more… looking for any flaws and such. It will help me to organize everything to keep it stored perfectly so that I am able to hand them down to my kids someday and honestly…as I am getting older my eyesight is not the sharpest so this unit will magnify everything so that I am able to see small intricate pieces with ease.

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