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What Are the Most Distinctive Texas Wines?     

Being home to the third-largest wine-growing region and becoming the fifth-largest wine-producing state in the country, Texas has many accolades to its name. Today, the Texas wine industry contributes $13.1 billion in economic impact to the state.

But to truly enjoy distinctive Texas wines, there is no better way than to find a classy wine bar featuring a massive selection of award-winning Texas wines. While you experience the urban energy of the Lone Star State, the bar provides a cozy ambiance for you to unwind over a glass of premium wine. Here’s how experts suggest determining the unique Texas wines.

Wines Made from the Best Grape Varietals of The Texas Region

While Tempranillo has become Texas’s defining wine grape varietal, the state produces some of the most delicate Viognier. While Tempranillo is best if you love tannic red wines, you will like Viognier if you prefer more beautiful and pleasant flavors.

When you are at a wine bar in Texas, expect their wine collection made from warm weather grape varieties like these that are stunningly aromatic. You may also experience distinctive, enhanced flavors with other grape varietals popular in the Texas region, such as Tannat and Syrah.

The Grape Sources Make A Difference

Texas divides into three primary wine-growing regions, based on diversity and microclimates, that support the growth of various grapevines in the state. These regions are home to 8 American Viticultural Areas. But, the Texas High Plains AVA tops the list, as it boasts sandy loam soil and a perfect environment, best suitable for a good grape harvest.

Typically, top wine bars in Texas offer distinctive Texas wines obtained by processing grapes sourced from such AVAs. And considering the Brownfield region of Texas High Plains AVA, the grapes from these vineyards impart the most refined taste to the wines you can ever imagine.

The Young Vines Across Texas Add to The Uniqueness of Texas Wines

Since 2015, the Texas High Plains and North Texas have been the regions for new plantings in the state, increasing the bearing acres by 82% and 11%, respectively. 

When processing grapes from such young vines, the wines you get have lesser depth and complexity in terms of the flavors. But in a few years, they will become your vintage collection, boasting a unique taste.

Reputed Texas wine bars feature such wines, with their character getting more intense as they continue to age.

Getting an Expert’s Opinion Can Help

Award-winning specialists in Texas work with the top local vintners. They are experts in red and white wine grape varietals that grow well in Texas’s warm-weather and challenging microclimatic conditions.

Thus, you will find extraordinary wine varieties recommended by them that bring out the true essence of the terroirs found exclusively in Texas. Top professionals suggest looking for vintners’ selected blends for a unique Texas wine savoring experience.

Find A Chic Wine Bar in Texas

Texas celebrates October as the Texas Wine Month, with cities such as Fort Worth adding an element of excitement to the celebration with its Food and Wine Festival.

But if you wish for a satisfying wine tasting experience round the year in Texas, look for a fancy wine bar with a rich collection of top-rated Texas wines. You can enjoy the distinctive flavors of premium wines to remember for years together.

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