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How to Clean a Grill?

One thing a lot of us always look forward to is a good Barbeque with friends and family at home or at a picnic. The good laughs, memories and happy times we experience within a span of those hours with your grill heating on one side making your delicious food is a joy which rarely can be compared. The moment and memories are priceless and we wouldn’t have it any other way. While there are a lot of techniques which can make your food taste even more delicious, one thing that every griller agrees on is the fact that a dirty grill is a no goer during barbeques. also provides different type of solutions to clean different type of grills very quickly and easily.

Not only the crusty grill ups can ruin the taste of your food the excess grease can cause flare-ups, built- up crud, and sometimes even can cause your food to stick on the grill and nobody wants that. Like most areas and appliances that need cleaning in your home, it is recommended to clean your grill after every use so that it does not become a problem for you. Mostly people use george foreman grill and it is also easy to clean that grill also.

If you are someone who loves to have friends over and do some barbeque, but you are new to being a grill owner and don’t know how to clean a grill properly, do not worry! We’ve have got you because this article is all about how to clean your grill properly whether it is gas or a charcoal grill. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Cleaning a grill with water and detergent

•  Disassemble the Grill:

Once you make up your mind to clean a grill. First make sure that the gas supply from the line is cut off or closed if you have a gas grill. Now all you have to do is take either two large buckets or containers and fill them up with soapy water. Now remove the cooking grates from the grill, and if you have a charcoal grill it is advised to remove the briquettes and the ash catcher as well and soak all of them in the soapy water. The soapy water will help in loosening the excessive buildup of grease on them.

Next up, remove all the parts that can easily come off and be separated and set aside.

•  Clean the Interior of the Grill:

Take a rag to clear any form of loose dust and grease or ash buildup on the interior or fixed part of the grill. Then take a wire-bristled brush dip it into the soapy water you have made before, in order to wet it and then start off cleaning the greased residue on the grill. The wet wire bristled brush will help the grease to easily come off because of the soapy water.

If you have a gas grill you need to make sure that when doing the following steps mentioned above that you do not disturb the connections with the propane tank.

•  Clean the Grill Grates:

Now come back to the grates you had soaked within the soapy water. By now the grease on the grates would have loosen for it to come off easily, but you will still have to use some muscle power and scrub of the grease from the grates for better results.

•  Reassembling:

Now is the time you are finally waiting for. Let all the cleaned and washed parts dry properly and once they are dried fix them back together. In case you have a gas grill it is advised that after reassembling the grill, make sure that the burner is working properly and also that the flame shield is fixed in the right place.

Once all the steps have been followed and the grill is dried and cooled. Spray the grill with vegetable oil and then scrub it with a wire brush. In the end wipe the grill with a paper towel.

Also, the next time you grill, heat the grill for 10 minutes before you start cooking.

By following the steps mentioned above, cleaning a grill will become so easy that even a new grill user will get the hang of it no time. However, it is advised to clean your grill after every use in order to prevent excessive buildup of grease and dust which can take forever to clean.

Hope it helped. Have a great barbeque!

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