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Basic Essentials You Need To Start A Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee shop can be a pretty lucrative endeavor, like so many other startup ideas, although you will need to get started on the right note, as there’s tons of competition out there. Therefore, your business plan will need to be immaculate, you will need to find the perfect team of employees, and you will have to offer excellent products. Because you will basically be attempting to compete with mega-brands like Starbucks and others, you will have to be extra careful when prepping and planning your product list, ensure your profit margins are suitable, and be careful when purchasing your initial goods to get started. 

However, there’s no doubt that if done right, your coffee shop can be a success. And to help you get started, we’ve created this list of basic essentials that you will need. Once you have budgeted for the basics, you can move onto the next step of finding the perfect location, hiring your team, and then, finally, launching your business.

Ingredients, Utensils, And Disposables

In this category of essentials, you must include everything you need to make your products, from the ingredients to the utensil used in the kitchen area, such as coffee stirrers, to the disposable packaging or reusable packaging your products will be served in. While you can order ingredients and disposables in bulk to save on costs, you must establish sales estimations to ensure your ingredients don’t spoil over time if your sales estimations are not on par. However, your utensils and reusable items will generally be a once-off purchase. 

Coffee Makers

There’s a wide variety of coffee makers on the market, so it might be a bit tricky choosing the right ones for your business. At first, you can get by with one or two primary coffee machines. And it is best to go for durable machines. Household coffee maker appliances won’t do as they won’t last very long if used countless times throughout each day. Opt for coffee machines such as automatic drip coffee makers, high-end espresso machines, and industrial coffee grinders. These options will last far longer. And if you can’t afford them, you may find a business that leases such machines.

Refrigerators And Freezers

You’ll need somewhere to store your ingredients so that they don’t spoil, and you’ll probably be offering more than coffee to your customers. So be sure to invest in at least one large refrigerator suitable for a restaurant; a household fridge isn’t as good at maintaining temperatures. And a chest freezer will suffice for ingredients that need to be kept frozen. 

Oven, Toaster, And Other Appliances

You’ll also probably need an oven, a regular toaster, and a few other appliances to get your coffee shop running and selling other snack foods and dessert options or whatever you intend on selling along with your prized coffee selection. However, only you can determine your additional appliance needs based on your menu offerings.

Shelving, Storage, And Tables

Once you have budgeted for all your ingredients and appliances, you’ll need storage. Shelving is a great option, although you will also need other forms of storage such as cupboards and crates for ingredients and utensils. Your backroom organization must be up to standard as you will be working with food products, which means cleanliness and organization are always top priorities. Once you have enough storage, you must then invest in tables and chairs for your customers. The types of tables and chairs you opt for will depend on the overall coffee shop look that you are after. 

A Security System And Insurance

There’s no doubt that all the goods mentioned above will cost you quite a bit. Although, if it’s your dream to open a coffee shop, it will definitely pay off in the end. With that said, you must still be careful and protect your business with a security system. There are quite a few relevant options out there. And it is best to opt for high-tech solutions that offer monitoring and automation are best. Once you have shopped around for security that fits into your budget, you should also consider business insurance

If anything should happen and your security system fails to protect your coffee shop and everything in it, your insurance will payout, and your business can keep running. On the other hand, getting started without insurance is a massive risk, as a minor unpredictable event could set you out financially and force you to shut your doors. What’s more, because business insurance is generally affordable, it really is worth the small monthly fee.

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