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Keeping myself and my family healthy and living and eating cleaner than ever has been my number one priority for 2020. It starts with eating and preparing the right foods, drinking lots of water and also by using the right supplements that will help in the journey. This is why I jumped at the chance to work with CocoaVia™ as their supplements are plant based supplements that support your heart and brain health by promoting healthy blood flow and pushing nutrients throughout the body. Ensuring a healthy blood flow is crucial to supplying the high levels of oxygen and nutrients that these vital organs need to perform at their best and the fact that CocoaVia’s supplements are backed by 20 years of scientific research is something that I love. 

Cocoa flavanols are the key ingredient in the CocoaVia ™ supplements and thanks to the Cocoapro® process, CocoaVia ™ only uses the freshest cocoa beans possible to make their products. Their supplements are available in both capsules and their various flavors of drink mixes which are both equally fabulous. I am loving the CocoaVia ™ Sweetened Dark Chocolate Mix, which is perfect for adding to my morning cup of coffee.

CocoaVia’s Sweetened Dark Chocolate Mix tastes delicious and I love that it is going to provide me with the many amazing health and wellness benefits that I am looking for. You will use 1 full stick pack daily for maximum heart and brain benefits and it is the perfect addition to coffee, milk, protein shakes, and oatmeal. You can even try it in hot milk for a deliciously healthy hot chocolate and incorporate it into recipes such as a recipe for Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie.

If CocoaVia’s drink mixes are not your thing, you can  take the CocoaVia ™  capsules. Simply take 2 capsules daily for maximum heart and brain benefits. A daily serving delivers 450mg of cocoa flavanols, which is the highest level per serving available on the market today. How easy and how awesome is that? 

So what do you think of CocoaVia ™ and their amazing line of Plant-powered Cocoa Flavanol Supplements? Are you like me and looking to live your best life ever and that includes feeling the best that you can? The benefits of taking CocoaVia ™ Daily will boost your whole body health and it all starts with heart health and brain health which equals whole-body health.

Heart Health: The Cocoa Flavanols in CocoaVia ™ increase your body’s natural pool of nitric oxide which keeps your arteries flexible and blood vessels healthy. This promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels naturally.

Brain Health: By promoting healthy blood flow, CocoaVia ™ helps your body deliver the high level of oxygen and nutrients its that your brain needs to function at its best which helps you to achieve optimal brain performance.

Total-Body Health: By increasing nitric oxide levels, CocoaVia ™ helps support every organ, muscle and tissue in your body which gives you sustained energy throughout the day and that provides a great pre-workout boost. With a healthy blood flow you will also experience perks like healthier and more hydrated skin.

So are you loving CocoVia™ like me and loving all that their supplements can do for you and your heart, brain and total-body health? Well check out CocoaVia ™ online today and visit them on social media too plus right now save 30% on your order using code SAVVY30 at the checkout. Visit here and begin your order today!


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