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The Importance of Clothes That Fit Correctly

It seems like an obvious fashion tip to make sure that your clothes fit right, but you’d be surprised at how common a problem this is. The fact is, everyone’s body is different and most of the clothes that we buy are designed to fit a few body shapes. 

Another common reason that people usually wear ill-fitting clothes is that they aren’t sure about their size. People change throughout their lives, gaining or losing weight and generally changing shape. But if your clothes don’t change to match, then they won’t fit properly. One thing to remember is that, just because you can physically put something on, it doesn’t mean it fits.

Why Does Fit Matter?

Some clothes are designed to be tight or baggy on a person. However, this doesn’t mean that every garment is fine if it’s very tight or loose because most are designed to fit in a specific way. Clothes are constructed with a design in mind, which includes how they should fit on your body. 

If your clothing doesn’t fit how it should, then it won’t look right on you. It might go in or bag in odd places, or simply hang where it should sit comfortably. Ill-fitting clothes are often unflattering, which is a shame when it’s an otherwise nice garment.

However, ill-fitting clothes don’t just look worse than they should, they’re usually uncomfortable. You will see this more often with clothing that’s too tight, especially if it’s an unforgiving cut or material. It may be constrictive or dig in. This makes you less comfortable, which also makes you less confident. In some cases, ill-fitting clothes can lead to back problems or injuries.

Know Your Size and Shape

So, what can you do to avoid wearing poorly fitting clothes? The simplest way is to buy clothes that fit in the first place. This means that you need to know your size and your shape. Remember, your size changes over time, so something that would have fit three years ago may not fit now.

It can be difficult to accept that you’ve gained weight, especially when you’ve been trying to avoid it, and you may reason that buying clothes in your old size will motivate you to lose it again. The problem here is that, until that happens, you have clothes that you either can’t get into or that are unflattering and uncomfortable. 

This is even more important for supportive garments like bras. If in doubt, use a bra size chart to make sure that you have a bra that fits comfortably and that supports you properly. Ill-fitting bras are a common cause of back problems in women. 

Changing the Fit

In some cases, it’s possible to alter a garment to change the fit so that it suits you better. You can deal with common fit issues yourself or find someone to do it for you. This is most viable if something is too big or fits oddly somewhere, but you can sometimes add a few inches to the length or size of a garment.

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