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Unique Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

Having a unique look to your bedroom can create an atmosphere that keeps you in good spirits during your downtime. Not only does adding different decorations keep your creative skills running, but you could always have something new to look at or play with in case you get bored. This is also a chance for you make it easier to relax, especially if you normally have trouble falling asleep.

There are a variety of ways to change the way your room looks, some of which include hanging certain materials such as coastal wall art that can help to create a relaxing atmosphere or by rearranging your current bedroom accommodations and simply tidying up. Here are some unique ways you can decorate your bedroom.

Adding canvas artwork

Having different pieces of artwork displayed in your room not only provides a certain feeling to your room, but also offers something creative to look at. While paintings and drawings are great decorative pieces, you can spice things up with canvas prints by showing off photos of memorable moments you don’t want to forget. Take a look on to find out more about getting your own print.

Also, there are plenty of ways to create pop art canvases to hang above the bed or dressers. These works of art can show off a fun time you had with friends or family at the beach, on a camping trip, or during a vacation at an amusement park. Some services allow you to change the colors of different parts of the photo so that you can make them look more fun and personalized and to also match the color trends of your space.

Hanging patterned rugs

If you have enough mirrors and photos hanging on the walls of your room and are looking for a way to make the setting stand out from those of your friends and relatives, consider finding something that people usually don’t spot on the walls. Perhaps you can choose something that is often used for floor decor, such as rugs – particularly patterned ones that provide a unique design.

If the furniture stores in your area tend to have plain designs for their rugs, there should be a variety of stores in malls that offer rugs with shapes, stripes, and other features that make them stand out. It might be best to find rugs that were made in countries famous for particular designs, as well as those with colors that match the walls, furniture, and other parts of your room.

Outdoor material

One way to change the way you live in your room is to make the environment feel like you’re somewhere else. This can be done by bringing in furniture with designs and material that make you feel like you’re vacationing in the outdoors. The dividers, shelves, tables, and other additions could be made to look like they are created from the trees of the most popular forests and jungles.

It helps to do research on the material your furniture is made of so that you can buy pillows, comforters, bedsheets, and blankets with colors and designs that match.

Creating space

One of the things that can make a bedroom situation uncomfortable is not having enough space to move around. In addition to getting annoyed with tripping over and stubbing your toe on a dresser sticking out farther than it should, you might feel claustrophobic in your room and have a hard time relaxing. By positioning everything in the right place, these feelings will no longer be a worrying issue.

You need to store clothes, school or work supplies, and other material in your dressers and closets in an organized way so that you know where everything is when you need it. Create space in the middle of the room for anything from laying on the floor for brainstorming to playing card games with friends.

Implementing posters

Sometimes, the best way to show off your personality is displaying your interests, and the bedroom is often one of the most comfortable settings to do so. Posters come in handy, as displays of characters from your favorite movies and TV shows can be fun to look at and create a hyper personalized space.

This is also a chance to get your friends interested in one of your programs and turn them into just as big of a fan as you are. You could also hang posters of locations around the world so that you feel closer them, as well as quotes from famous people throughout history that can motivate you to get through the day and accomplish your goals.

Give these decorating options a shot so that you can add some life to your bedroom.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    We had a home built several months ago. My bedroom could really use some help. Thank you for sharing these great suggestions.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are such great suggestions. My new bedroom needs a lot of help. This article got me off to a great start. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Dorothy Boucher

    I love your ideas here I love being able to use patterns and different designs in a room. Could you can often make the room look larger or even smaller depending on what style you choose I also really love the idea of keeping a space in the center of your room or at least in the area of your room because I think we all need that a little you know specially when you’re a college student or you’re working and you just need a little space to unwind or like you wrote brainstorm you know love it.

  • Rena Walter

    Yes, this bedroom looks great! I would like to have one like it, or at least new white sheets in queen size.

  • Lauryn R

    These are awesome ideas, thank you so much for sharing! I used to hang rugs from my walls when I had my own apartment back in the day. I totally forgot about that! I also love having canvas art, it makes a room so pretty!

  • Karen Jaras

    I am moving to a different house with a bedroom twice the size. These are great suggestions, now just to decide how to fill it.

  • Donna

    I love the idea of hanging a patterned rug. It would add a unique touch to the room. Clutter in my bedroom tends to be a problem. I could definitely benefit from organizing and positioning things better.

  • Amy D

    I am so bad at decorating, but I would love to get some canvas photos printed of my daughters for my bedroom.

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