Top Tips to Make Your Small Home Modern, Spacious & Stylish

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It’s easy to feel cramped and claustrophobic when living in a small home. However, limited square footage doesn’t mean you need to compromise on space and style. There are many ways you maximize each room within your petite home, which could prevent you from daydreaming about moving to a bigger property.

If you want to create a luxurious home you can move across with ease, check out these top tips to make your small home more modern, spacious and stylish.

Make a Small Room Bigger with Earth Tones

If your living room, bedroom or hallway is a little on the small side, consider decorating in a neutral earth tone. Not only will it help to create a lighter space, but it can make your home appear much bigger than it is, and it will look effortlessly chic.

Consider Visual Weight

Dark, bulky furniture will only constrict a small space. To create a light, spacious room, consider the visual weight of every item you plan to incorporate. For example, a glass coffee table will take up less visual space, as you’ll be able to see through it. Always opt for pale colors over dark hues and purchase furniture with legs to add more floor space.

Draw the Eye Upward

If your small home has a high ceiling, aim to make the most of it by drawing the eye upward to elevate your interior design. For example, floor to ceiling drapes can highlight your property’s vertical space while perfectly complementing your décor.

Small to midsize artwork is also an excellent choice, as it encourages people to look beyond a room’s horizontal space, which can make it feel much larger than it is.

Mount Your TV

As stated, you must avoid guests focusing on your horizontal space; however, it will be hard to ignore a TV perched on a bulky unit. Instead, draw the eye upwards by mounting your TV onto a wall in your living, bedroom or den. If you lack the knowledge and experience to do so yourself, consider a professional Chicago TV wall mounting service to mount your television onto a wall in no time at all.

Create an Open Plan Living Space

If your home appears dark and small, an open plan living space might be an ideal solution. Tearing down a wall or two will allow natural light to enter your home from multiple directions, and will make your interior appear bright, modern and spacious, so you will not feel the need to add an extension onto your property.

Use Stools for Extra Seating

If your concerned about cramming too much furniture into a small living room, choose a sofa that complements a room’s size. If you’re still worried you will not have enough seats, avoid bulky armchairs that can take over a room and instead invest in stools for extra seating. They can be easily maneuvered throughout the room, and it will provide your guests with a place to sit when they come to visit.

Keep Your Bedroom Simple

Adding too much furniture and many belongings into a small bedroom can overcomplicate the space. Keep your bedroom both spacious and simple by removing clutter and focusing on key elements, such asA Sty

  • A stylish bed
  • Two bedside tables
  • Two table lamps
  • A work of art over the bed
  • An attractive chandelier or pendant lighting

Paring back your bedroom will increase your floor space while making it appear both functional and modern.

Inject Some Color into a Small Bathroom

A tiny bathroom can appear dark and dull. To make the most of the small space, inject some color into your bathroom by placing vibrant tiles on the longest wall of the room. The bold colors are sure to grab your guests’ attention from the moment they step inside, as the patterns and colors will become a key focal point.

Choose a Small Dining Set

A large dining set can overpower a small dining room, which can create a cramped and uncomfortable environment for your family and/or guests. If you’re concerned about floor space, select a small dining set that will not swallow up a room. For example, a round table can often accommodate more guests in comparison to a small square table, and you’ll have plenty of space to move with ease during dinner.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture should be your best friend when living in a small home. For example, you could purchase a coffee table that doubles as a handy storage facility, or you could buy a dining table with a pool table hidden underneath. Do your homework when buying furniture to find ways to increase space inside your property.

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    I’m in a small home, I do love these tips

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