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Top Tips for a Family-Friendly Garden

Now summertime is here, the garden is a perfect place for the family to relax and play together. The longer days and warmer weather, make getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind after work. 

If your outdoor spaces need a touch of modernisation, or some additional upgrades to make them more family friendly, then this article will explain some key ways to achieve this. 

Upgrading your outdoor spaces, can be a real pleasure, and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your designs and hard work pay off, in the creation of eye-catching improvements, that will increase the  functionality of your garden for family use.

Create a relaxation space

At present it looks like we are all in for a scorching summer. In the UK alone, weather warnings have been issued and temperatures are expected to hit forty degrees, which is unprecedented. A long, sizzling summer, makes it important to upgrade your garden with space for relaxation and respite from the baking heat. You can achieve a perfect relaxation area in your garden, by constructing a pergola with a retractable roof, that will both protect your from the elements, and provide vital shade on exceptionally hot summer days. 

This region of relaxation, can be further improved, by choosing some tasteful and high-quality outdoor furniture, such as the range available by Ligne Roset Bromley. First-rate outdoor furniture, is built to last and withstand the elements, remaining stylish and elegant for years to come. As a finishing touch, consider adding a Bluetooth wireless speaker to the seating area. Using your smartphone, you will be able to stream the latest summer songs that provide the perfect sonic back drop, as you and your family unwind in the sunshine. 

Consider a water feature

It should be understood that if you have a very young family, a water feature is not a wise idea as it will pose a danger to your youngsters and will need to be suitably safeguarded. However, if your children are older, a water feature can make the perfect family centrepiece in any garden. As well as looking superb and promoting feelings of relaxation, it provides a terrific opportunity to teach your kids about aquatic life and nature in general. 

A garden pond will attract many diverse types of creatures, and you may be lucky enough to attract frogs in early spring! Children love to see nature in action and such an addition can be a valuable educational tool for them. 

Make an outdoor eating area

Dining outdoors together as a family in the long, hot summer evenings, can bring immense pleasure. If you have enough space in your garden, it makes sense to consider constructing a raised decked area and adding a weather resistant dining table and chair set. Ensure that your decking is made from treated wood that is manufactured to cope with a range of temperatures. This will ensure it looks stunning for years to come, while providing a hardwearing surface for you and your family.

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