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Top Things that You need to do When in NYC

They say that NYC is the city that never sleeps, and this is most certainly the case. For that reason, if you are planning a trip to the area then you will never be short of things to do.

Central Park

Central Park is the biggest and best green space in New York. There are over 840 acres of green meadows, outcroppings, gardens and so much more. You would be surprised at the endless options that there are available and there is never a shortage of things to do as well. There are always events being hosted and it is certainly one that needs to be on your to-do list. If you are looking to attend a more formal or luxurious event while in NYC, why not grab some last minute Broadway tickets?


Ellis Island

This is one of the most famous and even one of the most historical gateways in the US. It was established in the year 1892 and more than 12 million immigrants passed through the station. If you have a keen interest in the various historical points of NYC then this one certainly needs to be on your list. It’s a fantastic location and there is so much that you can learn.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here you can see everything from arts to antiques and even sculptures. There are more than two million objects that call this their permanent home and if you are interested in culture then there is no reason why you won’t enjoy yourself here. In fact, if you’ve already picked up a sightseeing pass nyc for yourself, the museum is one of the featured attractions this grants you access into. So many people gather here every single day just to see the wonders that it has to offer, and it is a fantastic way for you to really delve into the rich history of not just NYC, but also the world.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

This park is over 85 acres and it is one of the most-loved attractions in Brooklyn. It runs alongside the East River and it also reaches the Manhattan Bridge too. This park is a great place for you to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC and it is also a great way for you to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.


This building was originally designed by William Van Alen and it was also completed in the year 1930. It has over 77 floors and it has since become a symbol of New York. You have nickel eagles guarding it and it is a stunning sight. You can’t really visit the area and NOT see this building, and it is known for attracting thousands of people every single day.

Empire State

This building is made out of limestone and it only took 410 days to build it. 7 million hours of hard labour went into its creation and construction started during the Great Depression. The views that it has to offer cannot be compared and you can even pay a visit to the 102nd floor deck. This is a remarkable location to say the least, and it’s certainly one that you should be visiting.


  • Terri S.

    There are so many great places to visit in NYC. I have seen the ones you mentioned except for Ellis Island. I hope to go there on my next visit.

  • Judy Metcalf

    I hope to some day get to visit NYC. I’ve heard it to be an amazing place. Visit Today show and Good Morning America.

  • Donna

    I have always wanted to vacation in NYC. I would love to visit all of these places, especially Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art! I hope to go there someday with my children and grandchildren.

  • Kim BookJunkie

    OMG!!! My family and I are going to NYC to visit relatves in July – this article makes me soooo much more excited for the trip!!!i

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