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Top Moving Essentials You Need to Know

When it comes to moving, it can be extremely stressful, no matter how much help you have or the amount of stuff you need to move. There is so much to do when you move that it probably seems impossible to get it all done on time. Between selling your home, making sure all of your items are securely packed, to having to go through all your things to see what needs to be kept or thrown away. It’s a whole process that is time-consuming and can cause you a lot of stress.

Luckily, we are here to help because we get how awful of an experienced moving can be. We’ve decided to save the day and break down for you the top moving essentials you need to know for moving.

Read on below to find out how you can make moving day a piece of cake, including using the services of movers in queens if you are moving to the NY area. 

Selling Your Home

Before the big move, you probably already thinking about how you are going to sell your home. If you aren’t already working with a real estate agent to help you sell, you should consider using an online service that will help you list and sell your home. Although using real estate can be easy, using an online service to list your home instead will ensure you are getting most or close to all of the profits from selling your home. Listing hour home yourself has all of the following benefits:

*Most sites that allow you to list let you create a free account where you only have to pay once your home sells

*Create an immersive listing by showing off your home through photography, 3D walkthroughs, and more

*Schedule open houses and get a lockbox for agents to show your home with the use of the site’s app

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a headache when you choose to list your home through a website. Take out all that work for yourself and allow the website’s services to do it for you. This allows you to spend more time and energy on moving instead of worrying about selling your home. 

Using Bed Sheets to Move Your Stuff

When it comes to moving valuable items, one of the best ways to cover and safely move them is with bedsheets. Using bed sheets allows you to wrap up any delicate items and store them in boxes without them getting scratched or broken. It is also a great eco-friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes or other materials you will ultimately throw away when you are done. You can also reuse your bedsheets once you unpack your items, which will allow you to have them ready to make up your bed once you are done packing. And believe us, you’ll be glad you did when you’re ready for a good night’s rest after spending the day moving. 

Snacks to Fuel Your Move

During a big move, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself while you are moving boxes and unpacking. This is especially true when it comes to hydrating and making sure you are eating while rummaging and moving boxes. It may seem easy and convenient to grab some junk food to stuff in your mouth while unpacking, but it’s better if you plan by having something healthy on hand, like plant based snacks. With plant based snacks, you can ensure you are getting all of the following to power through your move-in day: 

*Lots of protein, which means you will stay full longer without having to stop for breaks

*Nutritious ingredients that will keep your body healthy longer

*Plant based means it’s good for the environment, so not only are you keeping yourself in good shape, but the planet will benefit from it too

In addition to making sure you have healthy snacks on hand to curve those hanger cravings, be sure you are mindful of your energy levels, too. This can be making sure you are getting plenty of sleep the day before, not overexerting yourself while moving boxes or large items, and trying to squeeze in some stretching before and after the big move. Being aware of your energy levels will ensure that you are powered up to get through your day. 

Going Through Junk 

One of the things we don’t think about when getting ready for a move is having to go through all the junk you’ve collected throughout the years and deciding whether to keep or trash. This can include asking yourself whether to keep medicine past its shelf life or figuring does toothpaste expire. When it comes to toothpaste and its expiration date, it can go bad but doesn’t necessarily expire. Instead, bacteria can develop, the flavor can change, and ingredients can separate over time. With that said, it’s probably best if you chuck all those travel-sized kinds of toothpaste you “took” from hotel rooms over the years and buy some new ones instead.

When it comes to medicine, most over-the-counter medicine is good for up to three years. However, it does become less potent over time, so it might not act as strongly as it once did. When it comes to prescription medicine, be sure to contact your doctor or a physician before you toss those away, especially if you feel as if you may need it in your new place later on. 

Protecting Your Stuff

Protecting your items during your move should be your top priority. It can be easy to have things break, destroyed, scratched, and even lost during a big move. This is why you should invest in some quality shipping boxes and tools. This will allow you to organize and protect your stuff while it is being shuffled around from place to place. You will be glad you did when you find all your stuff in pristine condition once you unpack it and put it in its right spot in your new place. 

Another way to protect your stuff is to protect your home that houses it through homeowners insurance. Like insurance for cars, homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind by insuring your items so that if they get lost or damaged, you can get a payout to cover the damage. You can choose what type of homeowners insurance you want and how much you want to be covered. Homeowner’s insurance is a great way to protect your home from natural disasters, accidents, and even break-ins. All homeowners should consider getting this before they move into their new home so that it is good to go as soon as you step through the threshold. 

Moving Made Easy

When understanding that moving is never easy and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. We hope that with our breakdown of moving essentials, you will feel more empowered to go through your big move more confidently. A lot can happen between moving big items, making sure you are staying full of energy and selecting the best homeowners insurance out there to protect you and your home. We want your transition into your new home to be a smooth one, so refer to our handy guide, and you’ll be glad that you did.