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Natural Toothpaste Benefits

The great thing about natural toothpaste is that you can look at the back of the ingredients list and actually see words that you can understand. And in many cases, these have been used as local remedies for generations and work effectively. By using a natural toothpaste and and by ensuring that you and your family see a Midlothian, VA dentist each year, you can ensure that your families health and wellness needs and dentistry needs are taken care of. That means everything as natural toothpastes ensure that no chemicals or toxins are entering the body and that you and your family are getting some of the best oral care. There are natural toothpastes that can offer most – if not all – of the benefits that specialized and conventional toothpastes provide. Here are some of the best and most potent all-natural toothpaste ingredients along with the advantages they provide.


Milk is often promoted as one of the best ways to keep your bones strong, and that’s because it’s one of the best natural sources of calcium. The advantage of calcium on your teeth is obvious, but the source of the calcium can also affect both the efficacy of its absorption and confer additional benefits. One of the best sources of calcium is coral calcium. While many of its benefits are anecdotal, it offers a higher rate of absorption than other forms of calcium and may also help with your blood pressure. Even more importantly, coral calcium could reduce the risk of cavities by helping heal the outer enamel surface of your teeth. And if you’ve dental issues, consider dental solutions at all-on-4 queen creek.

Natural Flavors

You can find a toothpaste with practically any flavor you can imagine, but that doesn’t mean that the manufacturers have actually stuffed those actual flavors into your food. More likely, they’re using synthetic chemicals to simulate a natural flavor. The chemicals and dyes used in the process of creating a toothpaste can have potentially detrimental effects, most worryingly for the nervous system. These are especially dangerous if swallowed – and they can pose a significant risk to children. Natural toothpaste may have more limited flavor options, but they’re actually derived from real herbs, fruit, and plants.

Natural Sweeteners

Without sweeteners, most toothpastes would taste unreasonably bitter. But packing sugar or a sugar substitute can seem counterproductive to the benefits of toothpaste. Erythritol toothpaste uses a sweetener that’s actually a carbohydrate rather than sugar. Many natural toothpaste producers will use another popular alternative known as xylitol. Both forms of sweeteners are solid choices that have the added benefit of preventing bacteria from sticking to the surface of your teeth and gums.


Ginseng appears in everything from recipes to daily supplements, and there’s a reason for that. It’s largely recognized as something of a super drug. But ginseng’s most proven and notable advantage is the one that makes it a perfect choice for toothpaste. It’s an anti-inflammatory that can help with swollen gums or infections and reduce the negative impact of bristles scratching against your gums and teeth. Ginseng isn’t the only herb that fulfills this purpose either. Ginkgo biloba is becoming an increasingly popular all-natural way to bolster the anti-inflammatory properties of a toothpaste formula.

The biggest advantage of natural toothpaste is that you know exactly what you’re getting. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise caution when shopping for a new toothpaste. Just because a brand has the word “natural” written on its tube doesn’t mean that it’s going to be able to compare to brands that take their approach to all-natural solutions seriously. Fortunately, figuring out exactly what’s in your tube of toothpaste isn’t difficult. Look closely at what’s inside your toothpaste, and look for ingredients that offer the benefits that you need. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, tartar protection, or gum healing, you can find an all-natural solution that can deliver promising results.

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