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Top Five Jobs For Travel Lovers

Does the idea of a 9 to 5 office job have you heading for the nearest airport? Do you fear being trapped in the one job, and the one location? Being the kind of person who can’t stay in one place for too long, isn’t usually conducive to a successful career. However, there are all manner of jobs out there to suit those that love to travel and this top five selection reveals how your passion for travel can earn you a wage.

Travel writer

If you have a flare for writing and are available to jet off at a moment’s notice, travel writing could be your perfect occupation. Some companies require travel writers that are already traveling, while others will pay you to travel to specific destinations and also pay you to write regular articles about the location. One of the best ways to discover travel writing jobs is via searches on global job sites.

Commercial pilot

You’ve graduated from high school, and a gap year before college won’t satiate your desire to travel. Training to become a commercial pilot may be the answer. This career is for a travel lover that wants the security of a steady job, with breaks in various countries thrown in. It’s not just a great way to travel, people working together in aviation often form a very close bond and friendship group. They are stuck in the same plane for hours at a time so it would be bad if they didn’t like each other! One pilot we talked to said that he wasn’t expecting to get to know people so well, “we even got each other funny presents at Christmas, I got a great this is how we roll hoody! It became more than just wanting to travel.” Rather than sitting back waiting to be taken to your next destination, you will be the one in control. For more information about becoming a commercial pilot, visit Qualityeducationandjobs.Com.

Travel rep

For this role, you will need to have excellent communication skills, enjoy assisting people, and be able to handle various enquiries and complaints. A travel rep comes in various guises, from the person that organizes fun events throughout the day and in the evening for younger holiday makers, to the one that sorts out any problems during the holiday. Too secure a role as a holiday rep, you can contact holiday companies directly to discover what vacancies they currently have available. Some holiday companies advertise their vacancies via job search sites.

Tour guide

If you take an interest in every side street, historic building, and monument of the places you visit, and enjoy telling people about the fascinating hidden history of the places you visit, being a tour guide may be your calling. There are assorted types of tour guides, from those that play historic characters, to comedic guides that entertain their customers, and more straight-laced guides that now every little detail of each place they visit. Many tour guides work independently, advertising their services via a website, and leaflets place in pubs, clubs and restaurants in the area.


One thing that most locations have in common is venues with live music. As a competent musician you could secure yourself a seasonal spot in pubs and restaurants around the world. Many bars seek singers that play either guitar or keyboard, or sing to backing tracks, to entertain audiences almost every night of the week. This job allows you to spend your days exploring your surroundings, while the nights are for showing off your musical talents. Research venues in a destination you wish to visit to see if they have live music and then contact them with samples of your performances.


  • Lauryn R

    These are all fantastic jobs for travel lovers, thanks for sharing! I have never thought about the tour guide one.

  • gloria patterson

    My nephew who has finished college wants something in the travel line. He does not want to be stuck in the same town he born in. My sister talked to him about checking in to a job on a cruise ship.

  • Karen Propes

    Wow, how neat. We travel all the time and I think some of these jobs would be neat. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I remember watching Love Boat as a kid, thinking it would be great to do those jobs, lol. Travel, as a living, sounds nice.

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