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Top 5 PLC training courses online  

Ever heard about terms related to PLC? Ever asked yourself what is PLC? Or what are the trip codes? In this article, you learn more about some PLC courses which will help answer all your questions. 

Are you interested in learning about how to program PLCs? 

If yes, then you should know that there are many training courses found online. But although few of them are free, many can be uninformative or unprofessional. To help you find the best courses read the following article and save the guide. After reading the provided information you will easily select a suitable course. 

But first, what is plc training?  

Such training is made to teach you how to program a programmable logic controller (PLC). The courses may include videos, articles, and many more. You can study such courses at the college or online which is more trendy nowadays. That is why it is more preferable to take a course online. In university, you usually learn data from a book, while online you learn a skill by practicing it daily. Taking courses from reputable companies such as Siemens, Omron can be very expensive, that is why you should look for those offered online. 

Here are some of these courses: 

1-PLC Programming from Scratch 

Approximately 15000 users attended this online course. It is the trendiest course of all. It will help you learn about general PLC programming and principles. The course uses the RSLogix 500 from Rockwell. 

With about 10 hours of tutoring, this course is best for beginners and cheap compared to PLC courses offered by popular companies such as Siemens or Schneider. 

2-Allen Bradley PLC Course (MicroLogix) 

Allen Bradley is a famous company in the field of PLC. It is more prominent from Siemens in a few countries such as the U.S. Each PLC programmer should attend this online course to get additional information. The course takes 6.5 hours of your time to watch and is oriented towards beginners.  

3-Siemens PLC Course (TIA Portal) 

All programmers know that Siemens PLCs are the most used controllers in various industries among others. The company rules approximately %30 of the market. No programmer can jump over such a fact.  

For you to be an expert, you should attend the Siemens course although it’s not that cheap. The course will provide you with information about the S7-1200 PLC.  

You will watch videos and read articles to learn how to program the PLCs with TIA Portal, which is the programming software. You will discover how to program the S7-1200 and rule the process of programming all the Siemens PLCs devices. The course is best for beginner professionals and takes about 17.5 hours to watch.  

4-PLC Programming from Scratch 

Thousands of people worldwide watched this course online. It is the most prominent PLC programming course among the others.  

You will know information about PLC programming and principles. It is a beginner’s friendly course and cheap compared to courses offered by other companies. It takes about 10 hours to finish it.  

5-PLC Programming Training (EEP) – FREE 

EEP has many informative essays which every electrical engineer should read to know more about PLC programming. This is the best free PLC course and probably the best among the others. It includes detailed information and examples. The course is a group of the best videos found on YouTube to make a good PLC programming lesson. For example, you will know more about PLC ladder logic. The lessons are put into two parts. The first part informs you about the PLC basics. While the second offers you additional data about the Allen Bradley PLCs. The course is best for beginners and will consume some of your time.  

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