Red Apple Fireworks NYE-Party-Packages!

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many people are wondering where the best place to buy fireworks is in time for the celebrations.

Red Apple Fireworks created a number of unique Party Packages for everyone who loves to ring in the New Year with a bang! Check out their awesome Party Package deals:

Party Package #1 – Party World ($18.00)

Full of poppers, streamers, and confetti, Party World is the perfect package to supplement your New Year’s Eve fireworks show. Give your audience fun novelties to play with while they watch your fireworks or to make a fun celebratory mess inside the house!

Party Package #2 – Fountains ($43.00)

No fireworks show could ever be complete without some amazing fountains!

Sumo Snaps® rock the package in a big way, first and foremost. They are huge and loud and really explode with a bang! There has never been a bang-snap product that is as much fun to play with as these. But because they are so big, they come with an adult-only warning label, so stay safe and throw them far!

Along with Sumo Snaps®, Party Package #2 comes with an awesome set of Red Apple® 10” Gold Sparklers so everyone has a great time in between watching the fireworks light up the sky.

Next is Dustup from Brothers. Surprise everyone with this fun little guy that starts off just like your traditional fountain with a mini aerial twist at the end!

Silver Spiral™ is a great Red Apple® firework that definitely had to make the cut into this package. Not only does it last for a minute or more, it also has a unique spinning effect that really brings this fountain to life.

Brothers’ On A Roll is another awesome fountain that comes with a fun surprise at the end! Stay back from this one, though, as it is bigger than it looks like it will be!

Next up is Firehawk’s Flashing Paint that has tons of cool effects and really rounds out this package beautifully.

Temple of Heaven’s® Giant Panda™ Rocket Fountain stands at nearly chest-height, making it a true XL® firework! Red Apple® is really pulling out the big guns with this guy that offers more than a minute of effects in multiple colors!

Party Package #3 – Daytime Nevada ($77.00)

Red Apple® has three major locations, one of which is in Pahrump, Nevada, about an hour west of Las Vegas. They’ve created a special Party Package just for all the Nevadans who want to enjoy some daytime fireworks before the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

This package includes Sumo Snaps®, Red Apple® Double Dragon 2 Daytime Parachutes™, Cannon Rainbow Parachute, Red Apple® 5 Ball Parachute Candles, Red Apple® Ripcord™ Parachute Barrage, and Brothers Captain Sam.

All of these fireworks make the perfect daytime show with a stunning display of powerful rapports and colorful parachute drops. Nobody in Nevada could be disappointed with this package!

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