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Top 10 Culinary Schools Abroad

Today, culinary arts have become one of the most sought-after programs in the world. Graduates from these schools provide us with various forms of specializations. Despite the common belief, apart from becoming the world-renowned chef, you can also become a hospitality or culinary arts management student!  

Culinary management programs specifically deal with kitchen management. It enables you to learn different cooking techniques, tips, food sanitation, management, inventory control, cost control, and kitchen management from learning various basic kitchen techniques. 

Culinary Management

Culinary school’s curriculum will train a prospective student to be adept with cooking, cooking techniques and management. Culinary management includes but is not limited to cost control, food safety, sanitization and management of the cooking area, food processing, inventory management etc. 

Some programs also teach students the basics of business management. Thus, enabling a grad to pursue a leadership position in their kitchen workspace. 

Today, a thriving food industry based entrepreneur or chef needs more than just necessary culinary skills. It is equally essential for them to have hospitality skills, leadership, human resource management, and business skills to properly manage their kitchen or restaurants. 

Step up your game with culinary schools

Pursuing culinary management from a top culinary school will boost your career. Students who want to make a career in food-related businesses or plan to start their entrepreneur career by opening a restaurant are the best cut for it.

Read along to find out about top culinary schools and why you should apply for them. 

1. Institute of Culinary Education, New York

This school tops our list of culinary management schools because of its successful history and number of professionals it had produced worldwide. It had already won prestigious Culinary School of the Year award multiple times. 

Students here learn to deal with various disciples using latest technologies. With its main campus in New York, their wine course is particularly famous amongst students and recruiters worldwide. 

Once you have graduated from this school, you will be able to grab on to several employment opportunities. 

2. Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park

The Culinary Institute of America is known for educating the world’s finest and renowned chefs, entrepreneurs and managers. Students who choose to go to this school learn skills from more than 170 chefs.

The school has different campuses worldwide and also provides an online master’s degree for interested students. This enables students to study according to their future goals. Various scholarships are also available for students who want to go for this program. 

One can take on various roles after pursuing this program, including business management, culinary arts, food management etc. 

3. Kendall College of Culinary Arts

The Kendall College of Culinary Arts has is rated amongst top culinary schools in Chicago. Furthermore, their extensive culinary environment and curriculum further promote the holistic growth of their students. 

The school is known to produce Chicago’s best chefs and hospitality business entrepreneurs. The school provides financial aid in the form of scholarships. Moreover, loans and grants are available for meticulous candidates. 

The school focuses more on teaching students various skills other than culinary science such as team management, problem-solving, etc. 

4. International Culinary Center

The International Culinary Center is another top culinary school that has produced various chefs such as David Chang, and Christina Tosi. 

Several top faculties teach students. Furthermore, this school had won the Best Vocational Cooking School of the Year Award multiple times. 

Students who pursue diploma courses such as the Professional Culinary Arts Career Diploma are known to get directly into the food industry. 

5. New England Culinary Institute 

This school is one of the highly respected culinary schools worldwide. Students here work on farms, companies and food producers to gain hands-on practical experience. 

This school has several on-campus eateries and restaurants which enables students to get practical experiences then and there. Their internship programs allow students to choose the country of their preference to pursue internships. 

All this practical experience enables them to enter the food and restraint industry as experienced seasonal professionals. They have also maintained an excellent placement rate.

6. Sullivan University 

Sullivan University has been successful in designing various programs dealing with culinary arts and culinary management. More focus is on the development of student’s practical skills. Students get the experience of working in real-life kitchens of the university and other renowned restaurants. 

Apart from getting student loan facilities, students can get scholarships and grants to pursue their dream courses.

All this real-life experience makes them well prepared before entering the professional world. 

7. Henry Ford College

The Henry Ford College is a renowned school known for its modern kitchen facility and cooking techniques. This program primarily focuses on teaching necessary skills to their students, such as event planning, restaurant management, and hot labelling services. 

Their programs teach students about working in a kitchen and teaching them different business and hotel industry management skills. 

8. Agustus Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

The school got its name after the renowned chef Agustus Escoffier. This is another school in this list which provides outstanding experiences to their students. They believe in the ideology of from “directly farm to your table” philosophy.  

Apart from having interactive classes, restaurants visits, working directly on farms, and corps and livestock give their students an entirely different experience. 

All these experiences give an outstanding experience to their students. Real-life experience, course work and internships enable them to become world leaders in the culinary industry.

9. The Art Institute, Washington 

The school is particularly famous for its Culinairie Restaurant, a restraint run by its student body. Here, students get a chance to deal with various workspace related challenges. 

Students not only learn new skills but also implements them.  With their campus located in Washington, D.C., the schools provide scholarships to their students. 

With focus more on practical rather than theoretical learning, you will get ample of learning opportunities in their vibrant environment. 

10.  College of Culinary Arts, Johnson and Whales university 

The school has been awarded several times for their modern kitchens, small classrooms and world-class faculties. The institute also has a robust alumni network which can be beneficial from a networking perspective. 

Students are encouraged to promote their culinary as well as analytical thinking. Furthermore, communication and leadership skills are very valued on their campus.


Nature of work, future goals, academic qualifications, return on investment, employment opportunities, are factors on which you decide which culinary school is best for you. It is best to give proper consideration and research to determine what school can be best for you and your needs. 

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