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5 Worst Fears About Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic exercise to encourage weight loss if you are trying to drop a dress size. Even if you are not worried about losing weight, getting on your bike every day is a low-impact form of exercise that serves a double purpose. Firstly, it’s great for your health. Secondly, it’s an easy way of getting around traffic in a busy urban landscape. 

Yet, cycling doesn’t come without risks and problems. Here are some of the worst fears that amateur cyclists face in a big city. 

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#1. Cars don’t see you

A lot of bike-related accidents are related to vehicles striking cyclists. Unfortunately, this bike accident attorney is the first to agree that the majority of claim cases are linked to collisions between cars and cyclists. A few seconds of inattention at the steering wheel can be devastating for the person on the bike. However, there are some tips you can use to stay safe on the road. As a cyclist, you need to stay alert in traffic and be aware of when you could be in someone else’s blind spot. Additionally, wearing high-vis equipment can also help attract attention. 

#2. You end up being sore all the time

Riding a bike may be low impact but it can be tiring if you are not used to exercising frequently. A lot of new cyclists complain about sore thighs and calves after spending a day on the bike. To prevent soreness, you need to give your muscles the care they need to recover. This will include focusing on a protein-loaded diet, as proteins help muscle recovery. Micro tears in your muscles are the cause of leg pains after a bike trip. 

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#3. You need to be already fit

Riding a bike requires endurance. You could have several miles-long commutes throughout the day if you are using your bicycle to get to work or run errands in the city. Understandably, without appropriate training, you are likely to find the distance unachievable at first. The trick is to start small and build up your endurance over time. It’s okay to ride only a couple of miles the first day! 

Alternatively, you can invest in an electric bike so you can use the battery-powered function when you are getting tired. 

#4. Thefts can steal your bike

You are worried that your bicycle may get stolen if you leave it in the street. Thankfully, there are some useful tips to keep bike thieves at bay. The most simple and effective solution is to use not one but two quality locks. U-locks are durable and will not be cut easily. Try to thread your U-lock through to the bike frame and one wheel. Finally, find a safe storage option for the night, such as keeping your bike inside. 

#5. It is expensive

Buying a bike can come at a high cost. Yet, there are plenty of top-quality second-hand bikes that are affordable and still have plenty of life left. 

Alternatively, you can also reach out to your employer to discuss bike financing programs. Some employers agree to pay for your bike fully or partially if you choose to use it for work commutes. 

Not everyone enjoys cycling in town. Yet, if your fears keep you from making your cycling dream come true, we hope these few tips and tricks can help. 

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