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Tips for Relieving Tooth Pain Naturally

Tooth pain, no matter the severity, can make day-to-day life and functions rather unpleasant. Whether you are trying to sleep, eat, or drink, your tooth pain may be present throughout the majority of the day, preventing you from operating normally. To better cope with this pain, there are natural remedies that may alleviate your toothache and provide you with some relief, however momentary that relief may be. You should also get your teeth troubles sorted in Altamonte Springs in the case that it becomes unbearable. If your toothache is a major problem, here are some tips for relieving tooth pain naturally that can help you get through your day. 

1. Rinse your mouth out with saltwater.

If you’ve ever had mouth surgery in the past, chances are that you may be familiar with this form of treatment. Saltwater helps to clean your mouth and prevent infection from taking hold. However, using a saltwater rinse is also an effective way to reduce inflammation and ease your pain. To create a rinse, mix half a teaspoon of salt with eight ounces of warm water and rinse your mouth out multiple times to make sure that you have cleansed the affected area. It’s not going to get rid of the pain as effectively as medication would, but it can reduce it and begin healing the area if it is being impacted by an infection. 

2. Step up your rinse with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient often used in certain toothpaste and mouthwashes, is known for helping to reduce plaque and counteract the effects of gingivitis. As you may have guessed, this solution is also excellent at reducing pain and inflammation. If you want to create a better rinse, mix three percent hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water and rinse your mouth out multiple times to make sure that you have properly cleaned the affected area. This may help to clear any infections and improve the overall health of your mouth. 

3. Turn to popular remedies like CBD for potential pain relief.

The previous two items on this list are focused on treatment. For some people, however, their sole focus may only be on stopping the pain that they feel. One way that you may be able to experience relief is by using a natural substance like cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a chemical derived from the hemp plant. Unlike its relative, THC, CBD does not come with any psychoactive effects, making it a more suitable substance for treating day-to-day facial pain associated with your tooth problems. CBD is also legal, meaning you can purchase it for your needs without having to jump through hoops to get it. Whether you choose to use miracle CBD gummies or tincture oils, there are plenty of great CBD products on the market that may assist you in relieving the pain in your mouth. 

4. Apply clove oil to the affected area.

Clove oil is a substance that has been used for toothaches in the past due to its ability to reduce inflammation and numb pain. However, unlike other substances on this list, clove oil is often heavily concentrated and quite strong on its own. If you plan on using it, mix some clove oil with olive oil or water, place a few drops onto a cotton ball, and then rub it into the area where you feel the pain. This should serve to numb it for a time until you need to use it again. 

5. Raid your pantry for vanilla extract.

Anyone who bakes regularly most likely has vanilla extract on hand. While vanilla extract smells sweet, this treasured liquid contains alcohol, which can numb the tooth pain and potentially heal infected areas. Much like with the previous suggestion, you can place a few drops onto a cotton ball (or on your finger) and rub it into the affected area. Do this a few times a day to experience the relief that you need. 

Understanding the Cause

It is important to remember that these tips do not act as cures but as ways to tide you over until you are able to meet with your dentist. The cause behind your tooth pain can be serious, and it is better to see your dentist and receive an orofacial pain diagnosisthat must be cared for immediately rather than hoping that the pain will go away on its own. No matter how scary tooth pain may be, it is best to receive the proper care for it instead of attempting to cure it naturally. Your mouth will thank you!

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