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Buying a home or a house is one of the most significant financial investments people make; therefore, no one wants to get ripped off when purchasing a home.

But how do you know if you are getting a fair deal for the home? These tips should guide you to find a good deal in the market and avoid some common pitfalls home buyers find themselves in after investing.

Find an agent

You can decide to buy a home by yourself directly from the owner but, it exposes you to many risks of being duped, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Hiring a professional real estate agent such as movoto will work to your advantage because they can easily spot an overpriced listing and advise you accordingly.

You can find a realtor through recommendations from family and friends or through an online directory. Most of the agents have websites with home and property listings that are currently on sale or offered in different locations. The best way to gauge a realtor is by making references from their previous clients. If they were satisfied with the realtor’s services, they advise you to work with them. 

A realtor will help you get a good deal for the house. One way of knowing if you are dealing with an honest realtor is when the seller makes an offer, and they advise you to rethink if the house is good enough to go for that price or when they stop you if you are overbidding.

Agents get their pay whether or not you get a good deal for your house, but a genuine agent will always advise you accordingly.

Do a home inspection or an appraisal. 

A buyer has the right to make a home inspection before they make a purchase offer. If you are not good at reviewing a home, hire an independent inspector or an agent to do it.

Through a home inspection, you will be able to discover dealbreakers like plumbing faults and areas that need repairs and maintenance.

An appraisal is another way of gauging a home. The lender will have a home appraisal done at your expense to protect its financial interests. The lender needs to be sure that if you default on your mortgage payment, the asset should be able to leverage a reasonable amount of money back when it forecloses on your home.

The lender makes sure you get a fair deal, and may not let you purchase it if the appraisal outcome is lower than the listed price. 

A home inspection is a forewarning. The seller may agree to cover the repairs or discount the price rather than blow away the deal.

Negotiate the offer

You do not have to buy a house for the exact price listing. Some sellers list their homes for relatively higher prices because they expect the negotiation to narrow downwards.

Others put their property on low prices to encourage competition and bidding wars, leading to buyers making high bids for the house. It is a familiar trick with most businesses.

You can test the waters by stating your bid and mind-reading the seller’s reaction. If the house is overpriced, they will be ready for negotiation, but if not, they will reject your offer. However, be careful with employing this tactic as some sellers may be offended by a lowball offer and refuse to work with you.

Note that you are likely to pay a higher price if many buyers are bidding for the same inventory. Working with your independent realtor is an advantage; realtors have experience and will help you come up with a reasonable offer to manage your expectations and help you get a fair deal.

Take time to find a home.

Do not rush to buy a home just because you need one. You will most likely be overwhelmed by a lot of homes on sale, and you will not be able to get the best offer.

Do your research on how to buy a house beforehand, choose the location you want to buy a home, stalk the neighborhood, and find the exact house type you want. It will save your head from spinning when you are faced with like five homes to choose from.

When you focus on a particular home, you can do your research about its appreciation value to gauge the exact price to avoid getting duped. 

Lastly, does the price feel fair?

Here comes the power of intuition. If the price doesn’t feel fair, do not rush to make a purchase. Remember that this is a long term investment. Take your time and be sure to get the right house at the best deal.


Before making a home purchase, you should be very keen. Maybe that is the only house you will ever buy, and you want to avoid making a mistake that can be long term. Again, the people dealing with home buying processes can be more experienced than you and take advantage of your ignorance. Using the above-enlisted tips, they can guide you to get a fair deal out of your home purchase. 

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