Things that Parents should do if their Teen is Vaping

Although it’s been decades since e-cigarettes have been around, vaping rates certainly have skyrocketed in recent years, among teenagers especially. E-cigarettes are currently the most often used tobacco products among youngsters. In 2017, about 2.1 million middle, as well as high school pupils, were using e-cigarettes – far superior to the typical ignitable cigarettes. If you want to buy the Consumer Electronics you need to verify that you’re over the legal age. Most websites and stores will require ID to ensure of this.

What is Vaping?

Vape devices are also called e-hookahs, as e-cigs, vape pens, mods, vapes, Juuls and tank systems. These devices comprise of four basic constituents: a tank or cartridge to hold e-liquid/vape sauce/e-juice, a heating element also called an atomizer, a mouth piece to inhale and a battery, all of which can be found at your local or online vape store, with an abundance of different models and products. A sensor is used to detect whenever a person tries to inhale. This causes the battery to deliver electricity to the atomizer. The heat produced then vaporizes the e-liquid like cosmic fog vape juice. The vapor produced is what’s inhaled.

What do Youngsters Vape?

Teens today, are using many substances that can be vaped, but the most typical ones are variants of flavored e-liquids that come in little bottles or pre-filled cartridges or pods.

  • Flavored e-liquids: come in many flavors ranging from grape and cotton candy to tropical fruits, to tasty treats that all would love.
  • Flavored e-liquids with different nicotine levels: Juul is one of the popular devices that comprises of 59 mg/ml of nicotine in each cartridge. This is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. Vape juice not in nic salt form are usually much lower dosage. You can find some of these at places similar to KMG Imports bulk e juice.
  • Flavored e-liquids with marijuana: Marijuana is also being vaped by teens in different forms such as its dried leaves or using CBD oil or THC (THC is the psychoactive complex which produces a sensation of being high). Many people are also deciding to smoke thc diamonds in order to achieve the very best high possible.

What to do if Your Teen Vapes?

1. Know the Facts:

Parents should download the vaping guide for parents and try to read and understand it. It is important for parents to be familiar with all kinds of vape devices, what substances are being vaped and its risks.

2. Have Conversations:

The chance to discuss vaping can come in many forms. This could be in the form of advertisements, letters from the school, seeing it on TV, walking by a vape shop or someone vaping. Parents must be ready to listen instead of lecturing. An open-ended question such as, “What do you think about vaping?” is a better idea to keep the conversation going.

3. Deliver your Expectations:

Deliver your understanding about the risks as well as why you wouldn’t want your child to vape. If you decide to set penalties, be sure to actually follow through while highlighting better choices.

For teens who smoke regularly must substitute the cigarettes with e-cigarettes. It’s best to explore their attention in getting assistance with quitting smoking. Telling a teen that vaping is as bad for them as smoking or that e-cigs are even worse than cigarettes might push them toward cigarettes and this is not the outcome you will want. It’s better to tell a teen that avoiding tobacco cigarettes or cigars entirely is a much better choice. If you have teens who do vape and that also smoke, you must encourage them to work to evade cigarettes entirely, and vaping might help them in doing so.


There are many forces that induce your child to vape such as peer pressure, social media and the easy availability of flavored items. It is difficult for a teenager to move away from those ubiquitous temptations. While your teen fights to break free, you must make sure they’re aware that you’re not the enemy, but a committed supporter.

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