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My Savvy Review of The Kingsley Trend Down Alternative Comforter

If you visit Deliciously Savvy often, then you know that I love a cozy home and I am especially picky when it comes to my bedding. I love a super cozy and beautifully made bed to climb into after a long hard days work as there is seriously nothing better than a freshly made bed that is crisp, clean and that smells amazing and my go-to for my comforter needs has always been using down comforters with a duvet cover. The combination simply looks amazing on your bed which is why I have always loved using duvet inserts and duvet covers on every bed in my home. An issue I have been running into in recent years is that I am having some allergy issues with traditional down comforters and this is why I have been on the hunt for the best of the best when it comes to down alternative comforters and it is the reason I jumped at the chance to work with Kingsley Trend to give their OEKO-TEX Certified All Season White Duvet Insert a try. I have to admit that I am in love with this Down Alternative Comforter from Kingsley Trend as it not only looks amazing on my bed, but it is super comfy, lightweight but warm and breathable which makes it perfect for my bedding needs. Let’s take a look at all of the features that make this Down Alternative Comforter from Kingsley Trend a must have for your homes bedding needs and why I love it!

First let’s take a look at me making my bed with the Kingsley Trend Down Alternative Comforter….

Pretty cool right and so easy to make your bed and put the duvet insert into the duvet cover and the end result is a beautifully made bed that looks fabulous and that’s even more amazing to sleep in! Kingsley Trend knows what they are doing as I am loving this wonderful down alternative comforter for my duvet cover needs and this is because Kingsley Trend provides the highest in quality and sustainable bedding products. Their OEKO-TEX certified materials are free from harmful chemicals which is everything to me as it means I can enjoy cozy bedding that is made safe for me and my family to enjoy.

Maximum Coverage For Comfort

This wonderful Alternative Down Comforter is extra soft and durable and provides large coverage for your bedding needs. It actually provides larger coverage as it is 2 inches larger on both sides as compared to traditional duvet inserts which means it will fill your duvet cover beautifully. You can use this comforter as a stand alone or inside of a duvet cover as I have done.

Superior 3D Filling Technology

Kingsley Trend’s duvet insert features a 3D filling that’s designed to be finer and more tightly woven than the more commonly used 6D filling which is why you get the luxurious and silky feel from this duvet insert. The 3D fibers trap air more efficiently that traditionally used 6D filling which offers better insulation and warmth retention while remaining breathable for year round use.

Moisture Wicking For A Healthy Nights Sleep

Kingsley Trend designed this down alternative comforter with a moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep you dry and comfortable at night while preventing bacteria growth and promoting revitalizing sleep. It is fluffy and full all while still being completely breathable.

Corner Tabs

I love that Kingsley Trend designed this duvet insert with corner tabs as they help to easily attach your duvet cover for the easiest of duvet cover set ups. The handy corner tabs are designed to secure your comforter into place so that it does not shift around and that is a feature that I love. It helps to ensure an amazing and peaceful nights sleep each and every night.

Classic Box Stitch Design

The Box-Stitching design of this comforter prevents clumping or shifting of the filling throughout and this ensures that you will be warm and cozy all night long. I also love that Kingsley Down added pipe-edge construction for the ultimate in luxury.

Easy To Care For

Kingsley Trend designed this duvet insert to be machine washable and dryer friendly too….making it easy to care for and keep clean. Machine wash cold and use low heat drying to ensure that your comforter stays durable and fluffy for years and years to come.

All Season Comfort

The high loft fibers that are added into the filling of this comforter provide the perfect insulation and breathability for any temperature which will ensure that you can enjoy cozy and comfortable sleep year-round.

So what do you think of this wonderful Down Alternative Comforter from Kingsley Trend? Are you looking for a down comforter alternative that is beautifully crafted and super cozy and comfy?! Look no further than this wonderful comforter from Kingsley Trend which can be used stand alone as a comforter or you can use it as I did as a Duvet Insert which is it perfection for. Grab yours today as this duvet insert is priced right and I will for sure be picking up two more to add to my guest bedroom and also my daughters room as her traditional down comforter keeps spitting out feathers all of the time and it is messy. I love that Kingsley Trend gave me the sustainable duvet insert alternative that I have been looking for and at a price that does not break the bank. Grab yours today!


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