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The pros and cons to investing in Optavia

Have you been looking for the perfect diet regimen to help you lose weight? Well, the Optavia Diet might be your ideal solution. Optavia was launched by Medifast, a Baltimore firm that’s widely known for its popular weight loss and nutrition products. This diet consists of protein bars, shakes and similar meals called “fuelings” that come in small portions to control clients’ calorie intakes and thus trigger weight loss.

As with any meal replacement diet, Optavia has a variety of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss different pros and cons of the Optavia diet. In addition, we’ll establish whether it ranks among the best diet plans that you should be investing in.

Here are 5 pros to investing in Optavia:

1) It reduces your risk of obesity

With more than 70 million obese adults living in the United States, there’s all the reason to utilize an effective diet that can control your caloric intake and help you lose weight. Although most people understand the benefits of portion control, restricting your food consumption is usually quite challenging − especially when you’re dealing with unhealthy meal options such as doughnuts and French fries.

Optavia provides low-calorie meals that are designed to help overweight individuals shed off weight rapidly and keep it off. As a result, clients dramatically reduce their risk of contracting diabetes, high blood pressure, heart complications and other lifestyle diseases.

2) It’s convenient

Ordering pre-packaged meals that have ideal macronutrient servings is a convenient way to ensure you’re eating right. All Optavia plans are portion-controlled, meaning that you don’t have to count calories or worry about carbs. Tracking your meals becomes a piece of cake since your only concern is counting food portions and eating at the designated times.

3) Optavia offers coaching resources

Apart from providing remarkable meal plans, Optavia has a coaching program that’s designed to offer support to thousands of users. You might find their coaching resources to be very useful, especially if you’re just starting out. Having a robust support structure to guide you through your weight-loss journey and keep you on track will boost your chances of success considerably. However, change always starts with you. The Optavia diet can provide outstanding benefits if you’re patient and motivated to achieve your desired goals.

4) Optavia boosts your overall health

If you suffer from high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol levels, the Optavia diet can help regulate these critical health markers. This diet regimen comes highly recommended for obese individuals who are interested in losing weight quickly. Credible studies have linked speedy weight reduction with improved glycemic and lipid profiles in overweight people. Apart from the notable health improvements that Optavia provides, you’ll also look and feel better after shedding off all those excess pounds.

5) Optavia doesn’t forbid certain food groups

You probably know that sweets, desserts and similar calorie-dense meals are bad for weight loss. Rather than banning such food groups, Optavia firmly discourages its clients from indulging in them. You’re dissuaded from eating ice cream, cakes, butter and other sugary treats. Sweetened beverages and alcoholic drinks are also discouraged. Instead, the Optavia diet focuses on providing balanced nutrition consisting of lean protein sources, healthy fats, non-starchy veggies and low-calorie fuelings.

Here are 4 cons to investing in Optavia:

1) Increased hunger

If you’re used to snacking regularly and eating large meals three times a day, the Optavia diet will likely increase your hunger levels. Its meals possess few calories which may trigger some cravings, causing you to binge-eat if you’re not motivated enough to lose weight. This makes Optavia rather unsustainable when it comes to long-term weight loss.

2) It’s rather expensive

Optavia provides different meal plans that can be quite expensive for the ordinary folk. For instance, you’d have to pay $17 for 5 fuelings. This price doesn’t include shipping costs and levied tax. Investing in such a diet plan might put a strain on your finances if you’re planning to use it long-term.

3) It may cause weight regain

Although Optavia enjoys a high success rate when it comes to helping people lose weight, some individuals may regain all that weight once they’re done with the program. An over-reliance on pre-packaged Optavia meals can cause certain people to develop some indolence towards shopping for groceries and preparing healthy meals by themselves.

4) It may lead to a nutrient deficit

Our bodies derive important nutrients from the food we eat. However, cutting off your calories for elevated periods may cause your body to suffer from a severe nutrient deficiency. Ensure that your body is well nourished by supplementing with mineral-rich meals if you’re currently following the Optavia diet.


Despite having a few disadvantages, the Optavia diet is a highly efficient diet plan for anyone looking to lose weight quickly. This regimen should be coupled with a fun exercise regimen and a healthy lifestyle to improve its effectiveness.

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