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The Latest Gadgets to Use with Your Phone and Tablet and How they Work

Every new iPhone needs a new gadget!

Whether you are looking for a gadget for you specifically or as a cool gift, there are plenty of options out there now!

Our cell phone is one of the most important items that we rely on nowadays. And with the evolution of smartphones, the gadgets that support them keep getting smarter too! Whether you are a student, a business professional, or enjoying your retirement, there is a phone gadget out there designed to make your life better!

So how do you decide what gadget to go with when there are so many to choose from? Not to fear, as we’ve rounded up the top gadgets to use with your phone or tablet and give you a preview of how they work so that you can make the best decision for you!

1. The hands-free floating device

Have your phone or table hover in front of you with SkyFloat, the magnetic device that hangs from your ceiling! This gadget works by coming with a magnetic strip that allows you to enjoy your phone or tablet hands-free. This is especially great for when you want to record yourself or Facetime with your friends. Or, even just watch TV in bed!

2. The universal charging cable

Because we rely on our phones and tablets so much, they get used a whole lot. This means that the battery is likely to run out during the day—and there is nothing worse than when that happens! So a universal charger is a great way to always have a way to juice up the device no matter where you are when the battery symbol turns red!

3. The doodle pen

Art has taken to a digital format with the doodle pen. This allows you to draw on your phone or tablet with more precision and detail than ever before—because your fingers can only do so much! But it comes with a double purpose of also acting as a remote control for your camera! This allows you to take hands-free photos without having to play with the timer or anything!

4. The projector

Have a video on your phone that you want to play on the big screen? Now you can! This projector is designed to be portable and project whatever is on your phone in HD up to 200 inches. So now you can also have a spontaneous movie night wherever you are too!

5. Bluetooth speakers

While the speakers on tablets and phones nowadays are pretty good, the portable speaker gadget truly takes it to the next level. They come with an armband so it is easy to carry with you and are also magnetic—so you can stick them onto a whole bunch of surfaces! That way you can enjoy your music wherever you are and do so in style.

6. A folding keyboard

Suffer from having big fingers? Or find yourself needing to type a lot on your phone or tablet? Cut yourself a break and get a folding portable keyboard. That way you can type more and much faster than ever before—all thanks to this nifty Bluetooth device. It will make working remotely so much easier and save you a whole lot of typos!

7. A gaming controller

This one is for the gamers! Play your video games on your phone or tablet with ease. The gaming controller is designed to hold your device while giving you a more user-friendly experience with a control that allows you to play for up to eighteen hours before needing to charge it.

With so many cool gadgets for your phone or tablet, which one will you be choosing?

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