The Café Matte Collection by GE Is The Customizable Appliance Collection With Amazing Smart Technology Features ~ Available @BestBuy! #distinctbydesign

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The Café Matte Collection by GE Is The Customizable Appliance Collection With Amazing Smart Technology Features ~ Available @BestBuy! #distinctbydesign

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I am a huge fan of kitchen designs because to me the kitchen is the heart of the home as it is the place that the whole family gathers, for pretty much everything. I am an avid cook and baker and I find myself in the kitchen all of the time which is one of the reasons I have been on the lookout for ideas on how I would like to eventually remodel my own kitchen. Recently I came across the Cafe’ Matte Collection from GE while at Best Buy and fell in love with the fact that not only are they distinctive appliances that provide amazing smart technology conveniences but that they are customizable so that you are able to add your own personal touch to your kitchen design as well.



The Cafe’ Matte Collection from GE is a collection of modern appliances that you can customize. The modern Matte Black or elevated Matte White finishes set the canvas, and GE’s distinct line of customizable hardware options complete the look that reflects your own personal style. The Café Matte Collection gives you the option to change the appliances handles and knobs to different finishes that bring your own style and personality to life in your kitchens design. You can also order additional hardware at Best Buy if you choose to re-design the look of your kitchen which is simply awesome! You can choose from brushed bronze, brushed stainless or brushed black hardware choices to further customize the look and design of your kitchen.



The Cafe’ Matte Collection’s premium finishes in Matte White and Matte Black seamlessly complement your premium cabinetry and flooring, setting the stage for mindful layers of warmth, depth and personality. 



The Café Matte Collection’s Matte White finish offers a soft luster and warmth that adds a fresh approach to a staple kitchen color. With a luxe look and a smudge resistant, soft touch feel, Matte White allows owners to create pops of brightness against dark cabinetry or a seamless blend in an all-white kitchen.



Plus the smart technology features are fabulous for the busy lives we live today! How would you like to be able to preheat your oven with your smartphone or ask Alexa how much baking time is left on your oven? How about a refrigerator that can send you important messages directly to your smartphone or how about asking Google Assistant to heat some water for your tea right from your refrigerator? Or better yet how about a refrigerator with a full-width, electronic temperature-controlled drawer with colored LED lights? The Cafe’ Matte appliances can do all of that and so much more!

So what do you think of the Cafe’ Matte Collection by GE? GE has definitely brought ultra-premium to the masses with this distinctive line of appliances that allow you to express your style with customizable hardware options and more! Look for them at Best Buy and begin enjoying high-performance feature that spark creativity in the kitchen!

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20 Replies to “The Café Matte Collection by GE Is The Customizable Appliance Collection With Amazing Smart Technology Features ~ Available @BestBuy! #distinctbydesign”

  1. the most stylish appliance options i’ve seen, so cool!

  2. Molli Taylor says:

    we have been on the hunt for new appliances, and these are amazing. i would love to try them!

  3. Derek Miller says:

    The smart features on the oven…I consider that huge. I cook quite a bit and run around too. To be able to get it heated before I get home would be a huge plus. I am also the type of person who constantly worries did I leave the oven on. I imagine the smart app feature would tell me and provide me some relief there.

  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    I think these look really nice. I know most people like stainless steel these days, but I kind ofprefer the classic white appliances.

  5. such a beautifully designed kitchen! this would be my dream kitchen and the colors are to die for. love the green textures.

  6. Molli Taylor says:

    wow, appliances have hit a new level,. this is amazing and easy!

  7. I really like the white kitchen. I do like the green one too.

  8. (The Café Matte Collection by GE Is The Customizable Appliance Collection With Amazing Smart Technology Features ~ Available @BestBuy! #distinctbydesign) I do like the way these kitchen’s look. G.E. has some really nice appliances to consider when planning a new kitchen.

  9. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Awesome appliance options! I would love to have these. They would make cooking so much easier

  10. Paula Pennachio says:

    This is all so beautiful. I would love to do my home

  11. vickie couturier says:

    what a lovely kitchen,,love all the colors and the way they go together ,id love a kitchen like this one day

  12. Darlene Carbajal says:

    It’s all so beautiful!

  13. I love this new collection, I didn’t realize that they were customizable too! What a beautiful look, it would make any kitchen look like a page out of a magazine! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. I love all of these! I have been wanting new appliance. I have got to talk my husband into getting these. My old ones are just five years old and he wants me to keep them a while longer.

  15. I LOVE that you can customize these appliance they look amazing I would love to own these I will have to go check them out!

  16. I redid my kitchen 12 years ago so I can’t get these now. But certainly in the future.

  17. All of the above kitchen samples are beautiful! I really like that I have the ability to customize my appliances to fit my taste and need.

  18. These are so beautiful. We just recently replaced our appliances but I do love the smart features!

  19. I love the option of changing the handles and knobs! I hope to some day remodel my kitchen and have such nice appliances 🙂

  20. Katie Bellamy says:

    That brushed Bronze is beautiful!!

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