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5 Ways that Amino Acids Benefit Your Body Post Workout

There is no doubt how essential protein is for muscle growth and maintenance. Anyone who goes to the gym, plays sports, and engages in strenuous activities can understand the role of amino acids as building blocks of protein. Most people are aware of the benefits that amino acids provide during workouts. However, amino acids are also essential for body recovery and maintaining mental and physiological health throughout the day. If you’re not too keen on using amino acids, you can always have a look at molecular hydrogen tablets. (Read more here: Here are five ways that amino acids benefit your body post workout.

1. Amino Acids in N-Acetyl L-Cysteine Improve Post Workout Recovery

Working out is a vigorous activity where the majority of your muscles are involved. While you may feel energetic before and during a workout, it can be difficult to escape the tiredness and muscle soreness of post workout. As much as possible, you need to make sure that your body recovers completely so you can carry on with your day. Taking enough rest and amino acid supplements is effective in increasing muscle protein synthesis to recover from workouts faster. The amino acid in N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) has been proven to help the body recover from a wide variety of medical conditions. Moreover, the nitrogen component of NAC allows the body to return physiological functions to normal levels following a stressful activity like an intense workout.

2. Amino Acids Help Increase Mental Focus

Sometimes, it can be difficult to focus your mind when you feel soreness all over your body. Amino acids can help you improve short-term memory, and processing abilities not just during workouts or sports competitions but also post workout. The amino acids will keep you alert and active to process things coherently. This is useful if your workout routine is in the morning and you need to maintain clarity and act logically throughout the day.

3. Amino Acids Ward off Mental Fatigue

Long workouts sometimes create mental fatigue which is often caused by low Branched-chain Amino Acid (BCAA), an essential amino acid that helps with muscle growth. A drop in BCAA level can trigger serotonin in your brain which often leads to mental fatigue. This is harmful to your recovery and overall health. A consistent feeling of tiredness does not stimulate the undertaking of rigorous activities which defeats the purpose of working out. It can be counterproductive. Amino acids help prevent this problem from happening. Those who suffer from the constant feeling of tiredness often look for ways to stop that feeling and boost their productivity, with some looking for the best place to buy adrafinil capsules and other alternative supplements and vitamins that could help.

4. Amino Acids Help Improve Sports Performance

Some people workout to keep their body fit and ready for a sports competition. A bad post-workout routine can cause havoc to your physical stamina. By taking amino acid supplements, your body will respond better to workouts, and instead of feeling pain, you’ll be more energized to take on any sports activity.

5. Amino Acids Increase Endurance

The sad truth about exercise and workouts is they damage your muscles. While this can be normal for your body to rebuild and get stronger, sometimes, the damage goes too far, and muscle tissues break down. This is true for endurance athletes wherein their muscle fibers suffer too much damage. A sufficient intake of amino acids can protect your muscles from breaking down and being used by your body as primary fuel sources. If you want to leave more about amino acids check out the difference between EAAs vs BCAAs.


  • Lauryn R

    Very informative post, thank you so much for sharing! I workout often at home, but I had no idea how helpful amino acids were!

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