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The Biggest Cannabis Dispensary chains across the US

America’s “go-green” movement to legalize cannabis has greatly increased the cannabis industry’s ability to sell and experiment. People used to rely on risky methods to obtain their pot before the legalization of weed. But now that it is legal, cannabis dispensaries are springing up all around allowing customers quick and secure access to a high-quality goods. Legal weed sales are at an all-time high. 

Due to the increasing number of weed dispensaries, choosing the perfect dispensary that fulfills all of your wants and expectations can be a difficult process. So, which are the leading and established companies? Check out the extensive list of the top US dispensaries to source the top quality products only on Hempercamp for an unparalleled experience.

Tuning in the extensive list from Hempercamp we have shortlisted five of the biggest Cannabis dispensary chains in the United States that sell the best quality cannabis products.

Curaleaf Holdings 

Who are they?

With at least 70 retail licenses,  Curaleaf has about 26 cultivation sites, over 30 processing sites, and 134 local dispensaries. They currently operate in 22 states. They are a leading source of high-end quality weed. Not only do they sell weed, but they also conduct research and studies to achieve a high safety standard of care. Over the years, they have rapidly expanded by acquiring many small companies. 

What do they offer?

With the axiom – “Where the grass is not just greener, it’s better” – Curaleaf cultivates the cleanest and purest cannabis from carefully tended man-grown plants. They provide weed in a variety of strains and dosages. Similarly, they have different kinds of delivery methods – you can choose what suits you best! 

While most dispensaries solely focus on weed, Curaleaf aims to form individual connections with their product. They even work with you to allow you to curate your very own unique cannabis experience. They also claim many Cannabis benefits that their product has

Green Thumb Industries

Who are they?

Green Thumb Industries, with their branded products like Good Green, Rhythm, Incredibles, Beboe, Dogwalkers, and Doctor Solomon’s, are certainly leaving a thumbprint on the cannabis industry. They seek to expand concepts that raise awareness of cannabis and its potential benefits to society. Their products are known to energise, balance, relax and heal. Their renowned retail dispensaries including Rise, Essence, Blueprint, Affinity, Summit, and SOCT. 

What do they offer?

They grow and prioritize the sale of safe standard quality products. They are also planning on partnering with The Last Prisoner Project to show their commitment to #cannabisforall. They acknowledge the condemnable deep-spread prejudice and racism prevalent in the American society. So, at Green Thumb, they cherish every chance to support and broaden the cannabis community to all, irrespective of colour, ethnicity, and economic status.


Who are they?

Situated in Florida where it dominates more than half of the market, Trulieve is the first and largest medical marijuana dispensary near you. Currently, it has dispensaries in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Their sole focus is on keeping their products as natural, reliable, and affordable as possible. 

So, they grow and cultivate their products in a climate-controlled environment particularly designed to avoid chemicals. Recently, Trulieve acquired Harvest Health and Recreation creating a nationwide cannabis empire with a combined 149 dispensaries.

What do they offer?

Trulieve’s products are fully handcrafted by experts in order to preserve integrity and safety. Their classic best-selling products are flowers, concentrates, and edibles. They offer flavours like Gelato Ice-cream, Raspberry Punch, and Grape Cake. Trulieve specially designs its products to treat critical medical illnesses like cancer as well as cure non-severe medical conditions like muscle pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. 

They deliver throughout Florida with a delivery charge of $15 and offer free delivery for orders that cross $200. They also provide free delivery for people aged 65 and above.  

MedMen Enterprises 

Who are they?

MedMen was established with the mission to de-stigmatize cannabis by providing a pleasant and accessible purchasing experience. With over 86 licenses and more than 25 stores across California, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, New York, and Florida, MedMen serves as an exclusive leading dispensary chain in the United States. It is also labeled as the “Apple of dispensaries” for its sales are astonishingly high – almost tantamounting to Apple’s tech sales. 

What do they offer?

MedMen’s premium products include Flowers ranging from $40 to $60, Vaporizers ranging from $45 to $100, Concentrates ranging from $50 to $90, as well as Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Topicals, and Accessories. They offer exotic flavors like Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bites, Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Bites, Peanut Butter Breath, Rainbow Chip, Garlic Mint as well fruity flavours like grape, guava, and banana among others. 

Acreage Holdings

Who are they?

Acreage’s involvement in the cannabis industry dates back to 2011. Their investment in a Maine plant holding the potential to cure and transform the world back then got them to the position of a leading multi-state operating dispensary. They are creating a consumer brand in the market through innovation and consistency. Their aim is to promote and make available cannabis’ benefits by developing advanced seeds and setting high standard goods. They want to heal people using the full potential of cannabis and provide their customers with  A-grade experiences. 

What do they offer?

Acreage’s premium brand of medical cannabis is Prime. It is a top-quality, pesticide-free product devised to prioritize health. It has to be used in accurate doses for the purpose of the medication. Similarly, the Botanist is the golden standard of cannabis catering to the needs of people who want to live a balanced, environment-friendly, socially responsible lifestyle. 

It has its foundation in providing an educational, knowledgeable, and immersive learning environment for people who have a burning desire to learn about the transformational power of cannabis. Another sophisticated brand of cannabis Acreage offers is Superflux. It is a mind-blowing, expectation-shattering flavour that arouses all your senses. 

The dispensaries listed in this article are some fine and renowned companies that earn record-breaking profits but they are not the only leaders in cannabis distribution. More and more customers are swarming to chain dispensaries run by massive multi-state operators. However, there are countless other small and medium-sized businesses in line offering state-approved cannabis.