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How to Find Decor Items to Suit Any Room

Finding decor items when renovating can be challenging, especially for period homes and unconventional styles. But there are some ways you can have fun while finding what you need.

Buy Used Furniture and Antiques

Retro decoration and styling of an older home require a good eye, patience, and luck. You can learn a lot when redecorating an older home or in an older style since you will need to go antiquing. Attending auctions, car boot sales, and yard sales are excellent ways to build an authentic collection you can use. And traditionally, you might find pieces between 50 and 100 years old at bargain prices. However, your renovation might require exquisite pieces such as cabinets or a piano. Just Google “estate sales near me,” and you might get lucky.

Visit Well-Known Pick Sites

You’ve probably heard of flea markets. Flea markets are sites where people sell all kinds of used items, from coffee tables and lamps to retro video games and old cars. If it’s good enough, you can spend hours at a flea market with an agenda. Yet a larger extension of flea markets is picking sites. All over your country, there are people with tons of what most people might call junk. But one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Suppose you’re finishing a 1950s man cave. Then you might just find an authentic working retro Coca-Cola machine at a pick site.

Find Decor Items from Inspiration 

The web is excellent for many things. And one of those things is spending some time researching pretty anything. Suppose you are mobile limited, experiencing severe weather, or simply can’t be bothered leaving your home. In that case, you can find inspiration online:

*Browse online images on sites such as Google and Pinterest.

*Spend some time on well-known furniture and decorating sites.

*Check out social media for recently completed friends, family, or group projects.

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for amateurs and professionals alike. You can also use popular sites like Pottery Barn (US) or West Elm (UK) for ideas about how to decorate a room a particular way. And people love to show off their renovations and decor on socials.

Consider Stylish Manufactured Items

You can spend a lot of time researching and finding sites for buying specific decor items that fit a particular style. And antiques and retro furniture are also pretty expensive. So you can also spend quite a bit of money too. Fortunately, popular styles never really go away, and most are reinvented into inspired pieces by well-known manufacturers. For example, stores like IKEA often incorporate the 60s, 70s, and 80s designs into their furniture ranges. So it makes sense to consider buying new decor items inspired by the aesthetic you want to use in your project.

Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Designing and decorating a room requires many skills. First, you need an eye for such things, and then there’s the skill of bringing it all together. So while you might know what you want, you might lack the skills necessary to do so. But don’t worry, that’s what professionals are for. You can hire an interior designer to help guide you through the entire process. Professional designers are knowledgeable about all styles and how to get them right. But they also often know where to find authentic or similar items that will fit right into your overall decor design.


You might need to look far and wide to find decor items for your next project. But it’s a little easier if you buy used and antiques, find inspiration online, or hire a professional designer.