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The Best CBD Vape Pen – Top Picks

Globally, sales of the cannabis extract cannabidiol have doubled over the past decade. Today, this potent remedy is widely known for its beneficial effects on the immune system and body. Even though it comes from marijuana plants, CBD doesn’t create a “high” effect and works wonders if taken daily.

CBD oil explained

CBD comes from Cannabis Sativa, which is a plant from which we get marijuana. It has become a popular alternative therapy for several conditions over the past few years. Indeed, thanks to the body’s endocannabinoid system, the oil can relieve pain by sticking to the cannabinoid receptors in our body and managing inflammation.

On top of it, ingesting CBD in edibles, topical and vaping will take your pain away in a couple of minutes. 

Therefore, if you use cannabidiol daily, your chronic pain will be reduced or go away completely, making this substance a valid natural alternative to pain medications for many people. 

Among other things, CBD is responsible for the following health benefits:

● anxiety relief

● possible depression management

● anti-seizure

● reduced nausea

● cancer treatment

● reduced digestive problems

● anti-acne

● sleep improvement

● reduced diabetes risk and others.

You can get cannabidoil into your body through various ways, including gummies, muscle rubs, and edibles. 

However, most CBD enthusiasts know that the quickest way for the body to ingest cannabidiol oil is through vaping.

Vaping is clicking with consumers with particular health situations searching for a herbal remedy with a fast-acting effect. Out of all varieties of cannabidiol use, vaping has the quickest absorption. 

It means that you feel the CBD oil kicking in immediately after vaping. And because of the very effective absorption, vaping also has the highest bioavailability, meaning that more components are absorbed than other ways of use.

Luckily, today cannabidiol vape oil is represented in a broad range of flavors to suit everyone’s needs. But if you have never tried vaping, then it may be tricky to pick a brand that’s well-suited for you.

With that being said, we have created our list of top CBD vape pens picks. 

Read on to find out more about our favorite brand options that we have curated based on various parameters.

Try the CBD – Top Rated Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Try The CBD is one of the most reputable Colorado-based companies that boasts a horde of online fans. And for a good reason.

This innovative CBD pen has an elegant, discreet configuration and is also rechargeable and pre-filled. If you don’t know a thing about vaping, this pen option would be your staple choice, as it comes with everything you may need to start vaping.

Besides obvious medical benefits, you will appreciate the light and fresh flavor with every inhale. The pen contains FDA approved substances, which means there is no polyethylene or propylene glycol. Overall, due to Colorado’s strict cannabis and hemp productions and distribution standards, the brand provides its customers only with high-grade products.

After reviewing Try The CBD brand, we can say this vaporizer pen is worth the hype. It offers a handy and disposable CBD vape pen abounding in the most satisfactory products as a respected industry leader.


VapeNTerps is another Colorado-based company well known for its premium CBD products. Their products are consistently checked by third-party labs, thus ensuring only the highest quality. VapeNTerps embodies an unmistakable joie de vivre that is highlighted by its extensive list of CBD products.

Their disposable vape pens have a moderate potency that is suitable for the majority of consumers. The company skips out on controversial components like propylene glycol and opts for natural flavorings. VapeNTerps Vape Pen is an excellent beginner choice, as it is ready to use right from the box with no charging needed. It is also a durable option as it usually lasts for about 50 to 100 uses.

Healthworx CBD

HealthworxCBD vaporizer pens are next on our list of safe and high-quality products. Healthworx CBD is a Denver, Colorado company that is a top online seller of CBD. Their CBD vape pens are an excellent choice for beginners due to the ease of use. 

However, this item can also be used as a spare, as it’s light and quickly-charged. According to the manufacturer information, each CBD disposable vaporizer contains 300 mg of CBD mixed with TEC Temper and terpenes.


PureKana is an Arizona-based brand whose brand focus is to be a front-runner in manufacturing the best quality CBD products and enlighten the community about hemp’s therapeutic capacity.

Their top-notch vaporizer pen includes 200mg of CBD per product, which is the average user’s optimum amount. The Purekana CBD pens are practical, potent, and reasonably-priced. All PureKana pens leave a pleasant aftertaste and skip on harmful ingredients that overshadow users’ experience. Vaporizers are offered in 4 different formulas based on your health needs. 

Overall, PureKana is an established brand with a seasoned history of producing natural, tasty, and pure vape pen options.

CW Hemp

Charlotte’s Web, which is a full name of CW Hemp, is a widely-known brand name that has been in the niche for a long time. The company crafts a wide range of CBD products, including oil, vape pens, Mint Chocolate, capsules, and gummies.

Their vaporizers have around 125mg of the most refined cannabidiol oil and are the shortcut way to enjoy CBD. While their vape pens are premium quality products that are doctor-formulated and lab-tested for your safety and satisfaction, the manufacturer has discontinued some productions to improve the items.

The Bottom Line

Vapers have been embracing CBD oil lately. Therefore, prime-quality CBD vape pens are an in-demand product on the hemp market. They are the fastest and most convenient way to get your daily CBD routine done. And even if you’ve never tried vaping before, CBD vapes are an enjoyable and highly effective way to get a quick dose of cannabidiol.

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