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The Best Advice To Help Someone Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol has been in existence over the centuries past. It has been drunk by ancient men that we only read about in books and by modern men whom we live with and see every day. It’s no doubt that alcohol has caused many people serious pain. It has broken up families, destroyed great friendships, drained away generational wealth, and even caused untimely death for some.

You’ve probably interacted with someone who has an alcohol drinking problem and this has been the greatest source of your frustrations.

You’ve probably yelled at the person, gotten into a fistfight with them, walked out on the person, and even called other people to try to talk to the alcoholic about his or her drinking problem in a bid to get the person to simply quit drinking or seek treatment at an alcohol rehab facility, should you feel like they need professional support to get sober. At the end of it all, it’s highly likely that your efforts have all been in vain.

The question that could be lingering in your mind is, ‘What do I do to get this person to quit drinking?’ To answer that question, here is some advice you can give to someone to help him or her stop drinking alcohol:

1.    Let Them Understand That Drinking Doesn’t Solve The Underlying Problem

Most people who drink a bit too much and have become alcoholics always in most cases have an underlying problem that is disturbing them. Some may have gone through an experience in their childhood or even their adult life that they have never been able to make peace with.

Most of them then end up drowning themselves in alcohol in a bid to suppress the pain they may be feeling or forget that event that keeps on tormenting them every passing day.

Try and talk to this person and get them to understand that drinking only makes things worse. Get an avenue for them to open up and talk about the underlying problems they have and you’ll be amazed at how the person will give serious consideration to quit drinking.

2.    Make Them See The Value Of Health

Contrary to the popular belief that many people hold that alcohol profits the body, all this is a lie. The real truth is that it is a killer and many alcoholics are blind to this reality.

Revealing the truth of the dire negative health effects that alcohol is bringing to the person’s body and how the person is dying slowly will be an eye-opener to him or her to begin evaluating their drinking pattern and make a firm decision to call it quits. The Hader Clinic treats alcoholism with the medical support of doctors, nurses, and medication.

3.    Show Them The Future

Most alcoholics think about today. They never consider tomorrow. They live for now because alcohol has blinded them and they slowly waste their lives away worrying about finding thier next drink. 

Showing them that the future is a reflection and result of their past actions will open up their consciousness and cause them to see the reality of a bright future if they do away with drinking alcohol.

4.    Tell Them To Get Professional Help

This is by far one of the best advice you can give an alcoholic. Fighting this battle alone can be really hard. That’s why it is advisable for the person to get help from experts who have a deeper understanding and properly laid out guidelines on how to stop drinking. Getting professional guidance and help from an expert will go a long way to ensuring total recovery from alcohol addiction.

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