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The Best Drinks For Hydration To Keep An Eye Out For In 2020

What’s the simplest way to keep your body healthy? Staying hydrated, of course. But fluid intake at regular intervals is a struggle for everyone, especially in this day and age when everyone is on the go and running out and about. Bizarre as it may sound, it is true that no one really drinks as much as they should. Many believe that water is the only healthy hydrating drink out there, which is not necessarily true. If you find water boring, which isn’t a surprise, then maybe you need to pair up some flavors with your meals to make hydration a little more fun. Are you curious about the beverages that can keep you hydrated while improving your immune system, sleep, and body functions? Here are the best drinks for hydration to keep an eye out for in 2020:


Are you surprised? Of course not, as we have all been taught about the hydrating benefits of water and how good it is for you. Your first and foremost choice for hydration should be water, making up 60% of your body. While we are talking about scientific facts, did you know we lose about 8 to 12 cups of water through breath, sweat, and urine? Making up for this loss of water is easy as it is readily available, calorie-free, and very refreshing. Yes, boring it may be, but you can make it enjoyable by getting high endurance and customized polar camel cups and bottles. This line of drinkware provide superior cold and heat retention. Available in a wide selection of colors with a rugged finish, your water intake experience will change dramatically with these bottles. 


Yes, caffeinated tea is great but have you tried caffeine-free teas? These teas are as hydrating as water, whether herbal, green, black or chamomile, cold or hot. Caffeine-free teas carry antioxidants. As for caffeine lovers, your best option should be to avoid caffeine altogether, but if you can’t, here is good news for you. Your regular tea can also help reach your hydration goals but only if you consume it in moderation. 

Sports Drinks

If you are into exercising or high-intensity activity, your go-to-hydrating drink should be sports drinks. For instance, Gatorade is an excellent source of electrolytes after losing sweat and water during high-intensity workouts. Sports drinks will only be beneficial if you are working out for at least over an hour. Pro-tip: do read the labels on sports drinks as several contain artificial colors, excess sugar, and sweeteners. 

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices come with incredible flavors and 85 percent water. However, be mindful of the full fruit juices loaded with sugar content, leading to inhibition of hydration. Pick 100% fruit juice. Natural fruits offer rich vitamins, which are quite beneficial for your skin. You can add a fun factor to fruit juices by freezing juice pops. 

Coconut Water & Aloe Water

Where to find that punch of 95 percent water content in a non-water hydration drink? It’s coconut water, a choice better than fruit juices. Sports drinks and fresh juices can easily be replaced by coconut water as it is free of sugar content and added ingredients. 

As per the ancient Egyptians, aloe is nothing less than an immortality plant. Aloe is power-packed with antioxidants with powerful regenerative properties. Put aloe in water to make a detoxifying drink, which is perfect for repairing wounds, stimulating cell growth, and helping the gut do its job nicely!


Still, believe that milk is thicker than water doesn’t qualify as a hydrating drink? Not really, as milk is considered better for rehydration. In the case of chronic dehydration, milk works better than water. Milk offers a very expansive blend of quality and natural carbs, sodium, and protein that help the body to retain fluids. If you want to make milk flavor a bit more interesting, experiment with smoothies, milkshakes, or even go for buttermilk. 

Lemon Water & Cucumber Juice

Quench your thirst and hydrate yourself with lemon water. A quick lemon water drink should ideally be part of your daily routine. Add the juice of two lemons and add a pinch of rock salt. A glass of lemon water will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also act as a daily dose of Vitamin C for your body. Talk about something containing 90% of water, and cucumbers will pop up in everyone’s mind. Cucumber is the most hydrating vegetable, and its juice is much better than fruit juices when it comes to hydration. Unlike fruit juices that come with concentrated forms of sugar, cucumber juice is rich in electrolytes. Add a piece of lemon in cucumber juice to add some flavor!

Fruit-Infused Water

Still, looking for something simpler? Pick any healthy fruit and infuse in your water. There you have it, and a healthy fruit infused water drink offering no added sugar or flavor. Water helps in increasing the hydrating powers by diluting the sugar content in fruits. What combinations would work? Add any seasonal fruit in water along with some berries to enhance the flavor. 


With so many fabulous options available it should be easy to ensure you are properly hydrated. Whether you are trying to keep your body hydrated while reducing your food intake or looking for a post-workout replenishment source, the various options of hydration drinks above will help you feel energized. Pick your favorite drink based on your activity and lifestyle and hydrate yourself. 

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