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How to overhaul the appearance of your back yard

Back yards should be a place to unwind. Not only should they be a place to spend time in the mornings and evenings to relax and spend quality time, but they should also be pleasant to look out upon. With there being gardeners willing to provide services that can help you get your garden looking the way you want it and landscapers being able to use software that makes creating a weekly schedule of jobs a lot easier, there should be no excuses as to why you can’t finally get the garden of your dreams! 

So if you have always wanted to get rid of the bamboo that is growing in your garden for example, knowing that there are companies such as Professional Bamboo Landscapers out there to help eliminate this issue, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you can’t get your garden looking its best. The same goes for any aspect of your garden you are unhappy with. Having visually-pleasing features and well-placed greenery will make your back yard not only a place you want to spend time in but also easy to manage.

Tackle unwanted features

Having a feature in your garden that is not only unwanted but also a significant feature that affects its infrastructure can be quite intimidating to deal with. The knowledge that you will have to dig up your garden temporarily can be quite daunting. However, you needn’t do this yourself. When it comes to large-scale issues, you can find contractors who specialize in the feature you want to remove. For example, finding experts in swimming pool removal will make your garden renovation much easier. 

Don’t resort to gravel 

Many new gardeners become intimidated by the skill and knowledge needed to keep plans and grass alive effectively. However, garden plants are far much more hardy than you realize, and by simply laying gravel, you will be restricting what your back yard is truly capable of. On top of that, it can be harder to yank out weeds, as there will be hidden pests lurking beneath the layers. If you do lay down gravel, be strategic. Use color and ensure that it has a design purpose. 

Clean up old decking

If you have old decking in your garden, then chances are it could be putting a bit of a dampener on the complete appearance of your back yard. Staining and moss can be easily removed by giving it a clean, sand-down, and re-varnish. It might require a bit of elbow grease, but it could make your patio look as-good-as-new.

Cleaning your old decking could also be the perfect time to have a look at the state of any fencing that you have on the outskirts of your garden. If you’re unhappy with it, then why don’t you have a look for something like gabion fencing at discount trade prices, so that this area of your garden meets the standards of the rest of the renovation? Clean decking and new fencing (if you need it) could be the perfect way to add value to your newly decorated garden. 

Add layers

Planting a mixture of flowers, shrubs, and trees (especially fruit trees) will help to add layers to your garden. Mixing heights, textures, and shapes will help to add sophisticated depth to your garden. By adding evergreen plants, you will help to keep the effect all-year round. When the spring and summer come around, your flowering plants will finally come to life and complete the effect. By adding flowerbed tiers, you can add garden furniture that creates structure and form to your garden. These are also particularly useful for planting vegetables and herbs. With each level, you can add different plants for different seasons – without having to take up too much room in your back yard. 

Overhauling the appearance of your back yard isn’t necessarily about tearing all your old shrubs out and starting again. It can involve a combination of improving the old, taking out what’s not needed, and being clever with the space you have. As tempting as old shortcuts such as gravel and paving can be, try not to throw out plants for the sake of ease. Looking after greenery needn’t be as difficult as you think.

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