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The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats And Dogs

CBD Oil, or Cannabidoil is the non-psychoactive compound found in the Marijuana plant that has become a very popular topic due to the many medical benefits that it has been found to provide to people around the world. CBD Oil, be it private label CBD or other kinds, has been shown to provide relief to more than fifty conditions including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, oxidation, and more. Many people with these ailments have found the relief that they need with CBD oil and the same holds true for your furry family members too. CBD oil can provide major benefits for your pet as well which is awesome.

There is such a range of CBD products, from so many online vendors. It’s really worth exploring places like The CBD Insider as they can suggest so many different treatments for your furry friends. And they really do need the best quality care – as I’m sure you already know!

Just like us, our cats and dogs can suffer from conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and more. Sometime these conditions can cause mild discomfort for your pet and other times the conditions can be extremely painful for you pet. Thank goodness, just as CBD oils can provide all-natural relief for our health conditions, using CBD oil and cbd pet tincture can provide the same relief for cats and dogs.

How can CBD Benefit Your Pet

You may be wondering how CBD oil can benefit your pet and the key to CBD’s effectiveness is it unique molecular structure and how you can use hemp oil for cats and dogs. When CBD oil is introduced into our body, CBD interacts with some super important receptors throughout our CNS or Central Nervous System.

Now you may be wondering… why is that important at all? Well that would be because these important receptors are found in pretty much every part of our body and they are essential in regulating our entire well-being. A few of these important receptors include the Serotonin receptor which is the receptor that regulates our mood and how we feel in general; the Adenosine receptor which regulates how we handle and respond to stress; and the Vanilloid receptor which is crucial to regulating pain. The regulation of these receptors alone is crucial to not only our overall well-being but also the well-being of our pets, such as your cat and/or dogs. If you want to learn more or buy the product you can have a look at cbd dog health. So before you Shop cbd oil, learn how CBD oil is able to provide your pet with natural relief to so many of the following conditions:


Inflammation is a very common health issue in both humans, dogs and cats and can lead to major health issues such as chronic pain, arthritis, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases. According to a recent research by, CBD is able to manage your pets pain and act as a sort of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting agent by energizing the body’s Vanilloid receptor which is the receptor known to help with pain perception, inflammation and the bodies temperature.


Arthritis is a disease of the joints that can come in many different forms and can cause mild discomfort and in some cases extreme pain. The typical symptoms of arthritis include swelling, stiffness, pain in the joints and a decreased range of motion. Just as these conditions can be very distressing or painful for us, arthritis can also effect our pets, especially as they get older. CBD works with the Vanilloid receptor to assist in reducing the swelling and stiffness caused by inflammation while interceding your dog’s perception of pain. This allows CBD to effectively combat arthritis and its symptoms and keeps your cat or dog moving around happy and pain-free! I can personally attest to this as my rescue pup suffers from arthritis and has had issues with his mobility in the past year or two. I did my research and purchased CBD oil for dogs which was one of the best things that I could have done, as his symptoms have almost diminished and he can jump onto the sofa again and move around freely.


Anxiety is a circumstance of stress and uneasiness and can vary from moderate to extremely severe cases. The Anxiety Centre states that anxiety is not a behavior itself, but rather “Anxiety is the result of a behavior” such as being overly worried or stressing out over things not being an exact way. Anxiety in cats and dogs can be the result of many different things including separation from their owner or owners, loud noises, or even an awkward or uncomfortable environment. While dealing with some levels of anxiety is natural, severe or extreme anxiety can be very disruptive to your pets health. CBD helps to provide relief from anxiety by triggering the Adenosine receptor which is the receptor responsible for regulating how your pet responds to stress. By correcting your pets stress response, it helps to inhibit your dog or cat from entering into a state of anxiety which will not only keep your pet healthy but also happy.

Loss Of Appetite

The loss of appetite pertaining to your pets can be caused by nausea, depression, anxiety, digestive issues and many other factors. While this loss of appetite may seem like it is not a big deal, it is actually a huge problem and something that needs to be taken seriously. When your cat or dog loses their appetite, they do not eat and when they do not eat, they risk becoming malnourished which weakens their body and leaves them vulnerable to many kinds of health problems. Using CBD oil for dogs or cats helps to alleviate the loss of appetite that they are experiencing by stimulating the Serotonin receptor to improve your pets mood while alleviating and reducing nausea, pain, and digestive issues that may be causing your pet to lose their appetite. Moreover, we would suggest you to visit this site to get your hands on the best cbd oil for dogs.


Seizures can occur when there is irregular activity in the brain, which will cause the body to shut down and in many cases, go into a state of convulsion. Depending on the actual disorder, seizures can happen as infrequently as once per month or as often as multiple occurrences in a single day. It is seriously devastating to live with seizures, and lengthened seizures can even lead to brain damage which can sometimes be severe. For this reason, CBD treatment for seizures is actually one of the top topics in the medical community today and because of this there is tons of research being done to determine the effectiveness of CBD being used to treat seizures. A study by the American Epilepsy Society confirmed that CBD was indeed effective in reducing both the frequency and severity of the seizures, with an average reduction rate of 45.1%. This is fabulous news for not only humans suffering from seizures but for our pets as well! In fact, the use of CBD oil for dog seizures is one of CBD’s most common usages for pets in general.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior in our pets can be caused by many different factors including stress, anxiety, or even an unfamiliar situation. Researches believe that using CBD oil for dogs can help minimize your dog or cats aggressive behavior by combatting the original causes such as stress or anxiety. By lowering stress and anxiety, CBD can make your dog or cat feel much more comfortable and ultimately reduce your pets aggression.

If your pet is suffering from any of the conditions listed above, looking into the use of CBD for cats or dogs is the simple and smart choice as traditional methods would involve giving your pet synthetic medications. CBD provides an all-natural alternative to treating your pets conditions and because CBD is so diverse, there are so many easy ways to easily treat your pet with CBD. You can give your pet CBD in the form of a treat, adding CBD oil to their food, or adding water-soluble CBD to their water. You simply add in CBD to whatever it is that you are already doing for your pet and in turn you will help promote a healthy lifestyle for your furry BFF!

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    I had no idea that CBD Oil had so many benefits for dogs and cats as well! But I guess it really does make sense that it would, what an amazing thing!

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