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The 7 Most Exciting Things to Do in Croatia on Your Next Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation soon? Here are the 7 most exciting things to do in Croatia on your next visit to this beautiful country.

Croatia is one of the most shining nations in Europe. You may not know as much about it as some of the bigger European nations, but it’s a popular and interesting attraction. In 2018 alone, 18.4 million tourists made Croatia their destination of choice when traveling abroad. 

There are lots of things to do in Croatia, from mingling with locals to heading to festivals to the beautiful national parks scattered throughout the nation.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the best things that you can do when you travel there so that you can have the getaway of a lifetime!

1. Try the Local Cuisine

As with anywhere you can travel to, there are delicious meals that you’ll need to try when you go to Croatia. There’s nowhere quite like a foreign country to try authentic local cuisine, so make the most of your culinary adventure while abroad.

You’re going to want to buy food from independent street vendors at both outdoor and indoor markets. This is the best way to sample home cooking and try the foods that the locals likely enjoy the most often.

Locals use a lot of raw seafood and olive oil in their recipes, but there are gourmet dishes that don’t contain these ingredients. For example, Istrian ham is made up of skinned pork leg and served with cheeses from the region. You can also try Boshkarin, the meat of the nation’s indigenous horned oxen.

2. Go Shopping

In addition to being a culinary paradise, there are a ton of places to shop in Croatia. Arena Centar is a great place to begin your Croatian adventure if you’re a shopaholic. With both chain stores and family-owned shops, this is a place where you’re sure to find something you like.

If you want to continue shopping, head over to Shopping Center Srd. This is a popular outlet mall that you can shop at for all the most en vogue brands!

3. Talk to the Locals

Anywhere you choose to visit, the single best thing you can do is talk to the locals. No one knows about the culture like the people who live in a country, and some friendly locals may give you opportunities to participate in cultural festivals or events. They can also point you in the direction of places that they think you’ll enjoy going to.

Make sure that you ask locals about their way of life and the activities they enjoy on the daily. There’s no way to create a more authentic travel experience than doing that!

4. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia is a place with a lot of natural beauty, and nowhere makes that more evident than Plitvice Lakes National Park. It’s basically a chain of sixteen connected lakes with waterfalls that extend into Limestone canyon. While that sounds simple, this national park is stunning and will be one of the gorgeous things you ever see in your life. 

Because the waterfalls pour down over beautiful rocks and algae, they have a crystal blue color that’s incredibly magical. You can hike the trails of the national park and see the various plants and wildlife that live there, too, if you’re down for a bit of exercise!

5. Krka National Park

Another lovely national park that you’ll want to see while in Croatia is Krka. It’s slightly smaller than Plitvice Lakes, with only 7 waterfalls connected to one another. However, it’s just as lovely, and there are much smaller crowds at Krka. If you go early in the morning, it’s likely that you can avoid crowds altogether!

Unlike at Plitvice Lakes, you can swim in Krka! This means you can get close to the waterfalls (though you can’t go directly under them.) The water is natural and cleansing, and swimming in it is quite the spiritual experience.

6. See the Coastline

Because Croatia is such a small country and rests directly against the Adriatic sea, there are a lot of beaches that you can travel to. Each of these beaches has a unique flair that you’ll remember for its individual beauty.

For example, Saharun (aka Dugi otok) is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Croatia. It’s almost an entire kilometer long and is made up of white sand and beautiful black pebbles. It never gets too crowded for tourists despite the fact that there are festivals and parties constantly being held here.

However, Saharun has a different kind of beauty than Prapratno Beach, which is awesome primarily because it’s surrounded by olive trees and ancient pine. This is different yet from the charming marina of Saldun Bay where you can try diving.

7. Take a Cruise

One of the best ways you can see a lot of coastline in Croatia is to take a cruise around the Adriatic. By doing this, you’ll get to see all the different beaches around the nation without needing to budget your time and money on a road trip.

You’ll also be able to visit islands that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to. Since Croatia has scattered islands near the coastline, you would need to ferry out if you wanted to visit these places, anyway. On a cruise, you’ll be taken straight there!

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you might be interested to read this guide. When you do, you’ll learn all about the various cruises you can take of Croatia and how many isles you can see while you’re there!

More Things to Do in Croatia

While Croatia may not be the first vacation destination you think of when you decide to go abroad, it’s one of the best ones out there.

Now that you know some of the best things to do in Croatia, it’s time to get more tips on how to make your trip one to remember. Check out the ‘savvy travel’ tab on our home page to get more information about how to travel safely and have a good time while abroad.

Have a great trip!

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