Renting a boat for a family vacation
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Summer Family Vacations Get Better and Better When You Rent a Boat

When we think of summer vacations, we tend to think of getting away with the family to a resort or similar experience. Often, renting a boat and getting out on the water is not always top of the list. When you consider the educational value of sailing and what you see and the fun to be had, it clearly deserves to be closer to the top of the summer vacation list.

With this in mind, let’s look at the things you can do and need to know when it comes to a Fancy Boat Rental that is the perfect start to your family vacation voyage.

Rent a Boat for the Family

Good reputable boat rental companies offer a range of boats that come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. This can get a little confusing as you may not know what you need. Before you rent a boat it is a good idea to:Decide on a destination. Check reviews.Contact the site for advice.

Once you have your family boat rental secured, it is time to start getting excited.

Catamaran Rental

Many families opt for a catamaran rental due to the extra stability they offer. As well as stability, catamaran rental options include extra security nets for families; you don’t want anyone falling overboard! And they come with extra space.

The more space you have onboard the better when you have a family, and given the safety considerations, it is fair to say a catamaran rental boat is the way forward.

Once you have your boat sorted, where to go?

United States

The U.S is blessed with perfect places to sail. You may want to consider heading out to Florida and sailing to places such as Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Alternatively, you may want to head out to Miami and or Key West and enjoy everything it has to offer. Sailing is truly amazing and nobody knows more about sailing the Florida Keys than Key West Yacht Rentals.

Cancun, Mexico

If you want somewhere further afield for your family boating vacation, why not head out to Cancun, Mexico. The coastal city is alive with plenty to see and do, and when you’re not enjoying Cancun’s delights, you can always sail up and down the coast.

The Mediterranean

For the more adventurous, why not charter your boat from a port in The Mediterranean and explore the islands that inhabit it. You can head out to the Spanish Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, or head to the Spanish coast and visit Barcelona, one of the world’s greatest cities.

The Greek islands are within easy reach, as are the Baltic states, including Croatia.

Family Sailing

Sailing as a family is wonderful. Children love learning about the boat and the feeling of freedom only a boat trip can give. A catamaran boat gives you and your family space, so you need a chill, relaxed day; that is no issue.

Having the freedom to explore the oceans and rivers ensures that nobody gets bored, and they have a sense of adventure pretending to be pirates or other sea-going folk such as Vikings.

Make sure you rent a boat and have the family vacation of a lifetime.