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9 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

Easy ways to make money online are what everyone is looking for these days. With the current economic problems we face, making ends meet becomes even more difficult. However, the online world opened up real money-making opportunities without ever leaving the comfort of your home. 

You can earn extra money to augment your income through some of the legit and popular ways of making money using the internet and your gadget. Here are some examples of honest and easy ways to make money online:

1)  Join Online Survey 

Although there are several methods of earning online, paid surveys are probably the most popular, such as the Prize Rebel. The tasks in paid surveys are easy to do, and all that’s required is to spend some time answering questions.  

Market research asks you to answer a few questions about brand tracking, consumer behavior, and concept testing. You’re then awarded a small monetary payment based on your answers. Market research is one of the most essential and basic methods to earn money online. 

2) Make Money With Pay to Click 

A different way to make money online is by joining pay-to-click sites. With pay-to-click sites, you can make money simply by clicking ads. The money you can get will depend on the type of ads you click on and the type of platform you sign up for. There’s a lot actually on the web, and an example of this would be Scarlet Clicks

3) Participate In Test Websites 

Another good side hustle to bring in extra cash is participating in test websites. Some companies conduct website testing and pay individuals who can spend time using, accessing, and analyzing their websites’ aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Although this is not a full-time option, it can supplement your income if you do website testing in your spare time. Other companies pay $10 per test for ten to twenty minutes. 

4) Play Games 

Making money online has never been more fun for online gamers. There are companies and app developers that pay for a specific task like playing games. You can sign up at no cost and follow the game’s instructions. Some players earn as much as $10 per day and can earn more as they progress within the game.  

5) Install New Apps Or Videogames 

In the Play and App Store, there are free video games and applications you can install on your device that could earn you money. You would get paid to discover exciting, new video games. You could also ask to complete surveys, and in return, could get gift cards that you can withdraw from PayPal.  

6) Selling Old Items Online 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can make easy money online by selling old stuff or rare items on eBay. You can also use your social media accounts to post your items and sell them online. Items like childhood toys, used clothes, shoes, bags, gift cards, arts and crafts, mobile phones, and more can give you extra cash while decluttering your space.

Opening new space in your home could also give you an opportunity to sell storage space which could generate another stream of income.

7) Selling Items Online 

One of the best ways to make money online is through selling products and/or digital items. Digital items include eBooks, audio files, video files, and pictures. Traditional products include branded merchandise made from platforms like Printful, that you create and sell on your own website or a platform or it can also be items that you have crafted and created and that you can sell on Etsy.

You can choose to sell your digital images as part of your article directory, or you can sell them individually to popular photography sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Photoshelter.  

Also, if you’re into writing, you can sell your documents in digital format as an eBook on sites such as ClickBank, Amazon, or other eBook selling platforms.  

8) Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote someone else’s product and receive a portion of the sale if one is made. You’ll never have to store products or do the inventory. Furthermore, you’ll be paid commission-based for each sale you generate for a product. It’s a cost-effective method for someone who’s getting started online. 

9) Dropshipping 

Dropshipping, delivering a product to a customer without physically touching the item yourself, is rapidly growing and one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Your online store would promote and sell the product, take orders, and offer dropshipping. You don’t need to worry about the inventory. The supplier will deliver the orders to your customers—clean and easy profit. You may want to learn more about supplement dropshipping through online courses to maximize the benefits of making this a profitable online business. 

Dropshipping is a form of inventory management that allows businesses to sell products to their customers without the need to stock and send the items themselves. Essentially, the vendor acts as a middleman between the customer and the supplier. There are many brands like Printify, Printbest, Printful which can help you sell without inventory and make money. 


Finding quick ways to make a profit online can be easy and fun if you have enough patience to carry out simple tasks like answering surveys, downloading apps, joining pay-to-clicks, and more. You can also make it possible if you have skills in selling items, making money with your hobbies, running a dropshipping store, or promoting services and products through affiliate marketing. With the internet, the options are endless to earn more money easily. How you make the most out of these money-making opportunities will determine how much money you can earn. Good luck with your venture in looking for an easy way to make some cash online. 

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